MY STYLE: White Before Labor Day

Where did the summer go! Seriously, we are already getting ready to celebrate the last three-day weekend of the year – Labor Day. Of course, I had to get one more all-white look into the mix before summer goes away and you are asking about wearing “white after Labor Day“. Oh yeah, I answer that question HERE.

Short answer – put away the sundresses, linen, white shoes, and white accessories. Keep white jeans, white sweater, white atletic wear (like sneakers) and pastels.

Anyway, let’s get into this week’s look:

Even though September is right around the corner, Tennessee is no where near experiencing the cool fall temperatures. Real talk, when it’s so hot outside it’s hard to start thinking of fall fashion. So, why not get one (or a couple) more wears out of those cute summer dresses. This is one I purchased from Macy’s a couple years ago. I can never let go of it, it’s a classic wrap – hard to find.

So, continue to enjoy these warm summer days. But just know, fall fashion are coming soon. Y’all already know, Fall is my favorite season. I plan to SLAY, stay tuned. What’s you must wear look for the summer? What piece of clothing is hard for you to let go of? Let me know in the comments section!

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