Halloween 2016: Fast, Fun, Affordable Halloween Style + Event

What do you wear for Halloween, when you don’t have a costume?

I didnt grow up celebrating Halloween, and when we did got to Halloween parties, I was too shy to wear costumes. I know, weird! So, as I celebrated Halloween as an adult, I always came up with looks straight from my closet. So, I decided to come up with some outfit inspiration that YOU could pull from you closet. Just add a little imagination, and you can come up with an ORIGINAL and affordable look. Let’s get started:

#HalloweenStyle: Candy Girl

This look is called ‘Candy Girl’ – it’s so fun! This may be the easiest look to come up with and you’ll look extra cute in the project. Go to your local hair store to find a candy-colored wig, add pink accents, this candy inspired bag, and you are ready to celebrate the night. Also, you can eat all the candy, because you are the Candy Girl!

#HalloweenStyle: Retired Cheerleader

Now, this look, Retired Cheerleader, can be worn ‘as is’ or you can up the ante by adding zombie effects. Most ladies have a cute skater-skirt or pleated skirt to spark your cheerleader inspiration. Add fun pom-pom earring, a cute clutch (for candy storing purposes), and comfy oxfords. This look is cute and stylish!

#HalloweenStyle: Style O'Lantern

Lastly, this Halloween look is the easiest of the bunch! You don’t even have to have this EXACT pumpkin shirt, just buy an orange sweatshirt and use a sharpie to make a Jack O’Lantern design. Everything else is available in your closet. Super simple, quick, and stylish!

So, I hope these Fast, Fun, and Affordable looks will spark your imagination. Celebrate safely and have a bunch of fun!

Make sure to follow me on instagram and snapchat to see my Halloween shenangans. Also, come to the Spook-tacular Fashions and Beauty Bar! I’ll be talking fashion, style, and all things fall! Hope to see you there!

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