5 ways to SAVE your BLACK LEGGINGS!

I was gonna start this post by saying, “it’s fall! The perfect time to wear leggings.” But, really, when is it not a good time to wear leggings? Especially BLACK LEGGINGS! I’m so happy people are finally over the whole ‘leggings aren’t pants’ slander. We can now focus on the important matters at hand, like finding leggings made by your fave retailer, and making those leggings last FOREVER.

I’ve been a lover of leggings for a long time. As a plus-size lady, my BIGGEST concern is thigh holes and shrunken leggings. Y’all! UGH! It’s so annoying and I know it happens to you too. I knew I had to be doing something wrong because my leggings weren’t lasting more than 90 days. I did my research and realized my mistakes. Of course, I had to hook y’all up with the tips & tricks. Read more below:


There’s nothing like finding the perfect pair of black leggings. The kind that aren’t see-through, that aren’t too short, that sit high on your waistline, and are the perfect shade of non-fading black. Like I said, when you find a good pair of black leggings, you want to make them last. I’m here to help you get the longest wear out of your leggings – NO MORE THIGH HOLES/TEARS, LINT BALLS, OR SHRUNKEN LEGGINGS! The tips below will help you get your money’s worth. Let’s get into it:

1. Wash your leggings with LIKE colors: This tip may seem basic, but it’s often taken for granted. I know we separate our clothes into colors and whites. But I often wash all my BLACK colored clothes together and on the gentle cycle. I hate when my black clothes fade, but I found that washing all the black clothes together saves them from fading quickly.

PRO-TIP – DON’T use fabric softener on ATHLETIC style black leggings (the kind you wear to work out). The fabric softener works against the sweat absorbing material used to make your workout pants.


2. Don’t put your leggings in the dryer: Do you often get holes in the thighs of your leggings? Do you wonder why your leggings get shorter and tighter each time you wear them? It’s probably because you put your leggings in the dryer. Most leggings are made with a lycra-spandex & cotton blend. Putting them in the dryer causes the spandex fibers to constrict causing your pants to feel tighter & shorter. You’ll also be more prone to getting holes in your leggings when you put them in the dryer.

PRO-TIP – Lay your leggings to dry across a flat surface or drying rack. Never HANG them on a hanger, this makes your leggings stretch too much, bringing on the holes & tears.


3. To keep leggings LINT FREE, wash inside-out – Another issue with black leggings is getting lint balls. UGH, so annoying! To prevent this, turn your leggings inside-out before washing them. Actually, wash all your denim and cotton pants inside-out, you’ll thank me later. Washing leggings inside-out ALSO allows for ‘personal smells’ to be addressed quickly in the wash cycle. You know what I mean.

PRO-TIP – Purchase an electric lint roller to remove stubborn lint balls from your favorite garments.

4. Fold your leggings when storing them: I know this sounds SO simple that anyone should know it but, as a fellow lazy girl, I HATE folding clothes after washing them. Scrunching your leggings in a lazy ball and throwing them in a drawer can cause wrinkles, uneven drying, and fading. When your leggings are wrinkled, you’ll be tempted to iron or dry them which leads us back to point #2.

PRO TIP – Instead of using fabric softener in the washer, fold your leggings and add dryer sheets or a potpourri sachet to your drawers for added freshness.


5. Buy more than one pair – buy as many as you can! In order to preserve your black leggings, buy as many pairs of your favorite style as you can. When you find a brand that works for you, why not? That way, you aren’t washing the same pair EVERY week, wearing out the fabric, and causing your black leggings to fade, tear, or hold odors. I prefer Torrid’s premium leggings because they have an amazing spandex stretch and shaping system, they are THICK not see -through, and they are long enough for my tall self.

PRO-TIPBuy one pair per month. That way it doesn’t seem to hit your wallet too hard.

Trust me, these tips will save you some time and money this year. Black leggings are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe. Black leggings can be worn so many ways – from casual to chic. Don’t short change yourself by wearing lackluster leggings this year. Put a little more effort into the upkeep of your favorite garments!

What tips would you add for saving black leggings? 

Let us know in the comments!

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