Best of Fab Glance 2016 – It’s LIT!

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Despite all the tragedies of 2016, I have to admit that this year was pretty LIT for FAB GLANCE! In the blogging world, there is so much competition. It can become a whirlwind of emotions trying to keep up. Pop culture news, social media changes, and watching what the next girl is posting can make any blogger contemplate dropping out of the game. But, the best bloggers continue to post despite the challenges of our industry. Seriously, I do it for YOU!

You, the readers, who send me encouraging emails, post amazing comments on my Instagram, and share my posts on Facebook. This year, I’ve found my niche and my voice. I’ve found that happy space between sharing info, posting cute clothes, and working with sponsors (without looking like sell-out). So, let’s re-cap some of the most FAB moments from 2016!

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I couldn’t start this post without mentioning the BIGGEST thing that happened to me this year. The Nashville Scene featured me in their PEOPLE ISSUE! Listen, when I got the call that I was one of 14 individuals in NASHVILLE that people should be paying attention to . . . I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! Dude, I’ve been blogging for 8 years and I’ve felt quite invisible when it comes to the blogging landscape. I was the ‘THE BLOGGER’ to watch for 2016. Can’t tell me NUTHIN and this feature verified that I needed to continue my goal.

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Next up, the ‘SHOW YOUR ARMS‘ campaign reached more people than I could imagine. When I started posting Outfit of the Day photos, I was so concerned on finding the cutest looks and feeling comfortable putting my image on the internet to be judged. I just wore what made me feel good. I created the SHOW YOUR ARMS campaign as a way to build a stronger online community with my readers. Women, big and small, continue to contact me applauding the campaign. And, yes, the Show Your Arms campaign is coming back for Summer 2017, and it’s gonna be even BETTER!

Fresh off the Show Your Arms campaign, I decided to do a super amazing swimsuit shoot featuring Nashville’s plus-size style makers. The NASHVILLE CURVES project was one of the biggest and best posts on the site. The features continue to get hits. As I type, I’m sitting on over 10,000 hits to the Nashville Curves campaign. Thank you to my photographer Toni Denisa and the 2016 Nashville Curves class: Adrienne, Temi, Francheska, and Amber. Before you ask, YUP, the 2017 class is being selected and y’all are gonna love it!

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I decided a to travel a lot more in 2016. I visited Chicago and fell in love. But my trip to NYC to attend CurvyCon was my favorite trip of the year!  Attending CurvyCon really helped me in so many areas: Self-Esteem, Blogging, and Networking. This was the first trip where I traveled with a fellow blogger bae (check out The Fat Girl of Fashion), stayed in a Five Star hotel, and traveled just for the sake of the blog. It was an amazing experience meeting so many fashionable plus size women and interacting with business aimed for my plus size dollars. Shout out to Cece Olisa and Chastity Garner for creating this event. And, yes, I’ll be in the building for 2017. Get your tix here!
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I’ve given y’all 45 looks this year! 48!!! DUDE! That’s almost a look a week! From all the looks I’ve presented, the one above has been your FAVORITE! I vowed to step out of my comfort zone this year, step up the photography, and collab with brands. I hit ALL those marks. Shout out to my photographers Toni Denisa and Patrick Webster. Also, special shout out to my blogger bestie, KayElle, we used to use out iPhones to shoot outfit looks. Listen, you gotta make it happen until you cam make it happen! Click here to see my looks from 2016.
Oh the COLLABS I’ve had! Listen, when your focus is to be a full-time blogger (meaning the blog pays my bills) you gotta collaborate with sponsors. My first MAJOR collaboration of the year came from Nashville Fashion Week and The Opry Mills Mall. OMG! A plus-size blogger representing Nashville Fashion Week for the MALL . . . PINCH ME!  Major shout-out to the staff at Nashville Fashion Week for their continued support of my website. I truly believe in local fashion coming from Nashville (be they independent designers and mall retailers). Shopping local keeps money in the community and builds a more stylish city.
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I got featured on BUZZFEED! I know, right! A simple selfie got me noticed by Buzzfeed UK and I was included with 10 other ladies in an article about lipstick. I was SUPER surprised about this one. But, it continued to encourage me to keep posting and continue creating. Fab Glance is here to encourage you to do fashion your way! Thanks Buzzfeed!
By far, my FAVE new find! Click here for info
Shout out to the Sponsors! Yes, this year I had more post sponsorships than ever. This year I worked with Opry Mills Mall, Dollar General, Groupon, The Body Shop, O’more College, Bolthouse Farms, Pink Blush Boutique, Styles Boutique, Limonada Couture, Smile Brilliant, City Winery, Art Institute Nashville, and a couple more (just check out my PARTNER page). Oh yeah, if your brand fits my readers, send me an email. Let’s partner for 2017!

Lastly, I have to applaud myself for starting a weekly newsletter. Have you signed up yet? The best thing about the newsletter is it’s ORIGINAL content. The story you get in the newsletter won’t be posted on the blog or on any social media platforms. It’s quick, fab, and often has shopping deals. I know most people hate to have their email clogged with the unnecessary – so I make the newsletter a necessary part of your week! SIGN-UP today!

So, that’s the wrap-up for 2016! I can truly say that this year was one of my FAVORITE years blogging. I really accomplished so much, much more than can be put in a blog post. The plans for 2017 are even more banana-sandwich-crazy! Guys, I don’t think you’re ready for what I have up my sleeve! Just make sure you are following me on the newsletter and the socials: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Thank you, SO MUCH, for each click, like, and share. 
You make it possible for me to live my dream everyday!

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