MY STYLE: Smiles in Grey Skies

People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” – Anton Chekhov 
This winter has been interesting. We’ve gotten snowstorms, thunderstorms, ice storms, and then sun shiny days! Tennessee is CRAZY right now and it’s kinda making me mad. Why? Because, I had all these winter clothes, and I haven’t been able to rock them! But as I write this post, ti’s a brisk 32 degrees with a bit of precipitation! YA! I know, it’s just my up north roots, but I do enjoy a little bit of winter weather.
 So let’s get into this look, maybe you can rock it in your wintry climate:

Coat & Boots – Jessica London, Jeans -Torrid, Turtleneck – Target, and Bag – Runway Boutique

This coat is my absolute favorite thing I’ve purchased this year. I’ve searched far & wide for a double-breasted coat. It’s so warm, it’s long, and I love the color. I’ve decided to change the shape by adding this belt from Torrid. I wear this belt with lots of stuff, so I was happy when I put it with this coat and it worked! Also, get into my favorite boots. Yup, I wear them all the time and they’ve been a blessing to my winter wardrobe.

Lastly, can we talk about this cute bag. Thanks to the lovely ladies at Runway Boutique. This bag is ultra-cute and goes with so many things. Plus, I love the ‘Have a Nice Day’ illustration; it’s a cute addition when wearing it on dreary grey day. Always, think about adding randomly cute element to your look.

So, yeah, put a smile on your face. Whether this weather has been horrible in your area, or amzingly warm, keep a smile on your face. Life could be worse, enjoy the grey skies and the amazing days.

Shot by Patrick Webster Photography

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