Celebrating National Picnic Day with my Blogger Besties!

Blogger friends: Passports & Grub, Kay Elle, Wine’ing Momma, and Lia Went Where

According to the internet, it’s National Picnic Day! I don’t know who comes up with these fun social celebrations, but I’m always happy for a reason to celebrate (and take pictures!). When I received an invitation to an impromptu picnic from my blogger friend, Malia of Lia Went Where, I was so happy to attend. Malia is the ULTIMATE food blogger and knows all the tasty (and FAB) places to eat. When I saw the invite list, I knew we were in for a good time. What a way to celebrate National Picnic Day, than with blogger friends, let’s get into it!

Ok, can I talk about this spread? I love making a meal out of ‘light-bites’. Fancy dip, tasty cheeses, elegant crackers, and a fun drink, makes for a lovely outdoor picnic. Every blogger brought something tasty to share; I made a homemade lemon pound-cake! Listen, when you work from home, you got time to tap into your kitchen creating skills!

Bourbon Fruit Punch, recipe on Lia Went Where

Now, I’m not a big drinker, but Malia’s Bourbon Fruit Punch is something I’d serve any day! This refreshing mixed drink packed a delightful punch (lol) and loosened us up to talk about the ups-and-downs of blogging. And, anything served with a fancy straw in a fancy glass is something you need to drink immediately! It was the perfect edition to a cute picnic.

When bloggers get together, inevitably we talk about blogging. As bloggers of color, we love to collaborate. During out National Picnic Day outing we talked about ‘blogging while brown’, how to increase engagement, when blogging isn’t fun anymore, and working together more often. It’s great to be able to talk to people who do what you do and understand the challenges. Lia, Alicia, Kay Elle, Tomiko and I will definitely create again. We are thinking of bringing you an even bigger & better picnic style event (stay tuned).

Next time you have the time, grab your buddies and do an impromptu picnic. It doesn’t have to be National Picnic Day, it can be any day. Take some time out of your week to spend time with your ladies, have some girl time, and enjoy nature. I know you will enjoy it.

photos by Joshua Blackmon, shot at Cumberland Park in Downtown Nashville

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