5 BEST MOMENTS from Nashville Fashion Week 2017

Nashville Fashion Week 2017 has come to a close, but the memories are fashionably floating around our heads. I decided to compile the 7 BEST MOMENTS from Nashville Fashion Week 2017. Admittedly, it was a really cool week. The locations, the designers, and the crowd, were phenomenal. After so many years of presenting this show, it’s amazing that the Nashville Fashion Week committee could come up with new ways to make the program fresh.

With that being said, let’s get into my first BEST moment from Nashville Fashion Week:

The Show at Union Station – Hands down, the best show of the week was the Emerging Designers showcase presented at Union Station Hotel! Every year NFW hosts an outside show, and I’m excited to see what location they’ll use. I’ve always admired the Union Station Hotel for it’s historical architecture. Seeing the hotel decorated for the runway shows was an even better delight!

Photo by Abigail Bobo

Everything about Any Old Iron – The Nashville Designers Showcase is always a delight. Truthfully, I’d seen all the designers previously so I wondered what they’d have to offer. Well the designers didn’t disappoint, but the standout star of the night was Any Old Iron. Sequins, skulls, and tuxedos, OH MY (especially the sequin). From the designs to the overall presentation, the Any Old Iron showcase was a favorite among all the guests.

Photo by Codey Lewis

The Blogger Workshop – You know I’m always big on helping bloggers be better. So, I was extra happy to see NFW hosting a blogger workshop. Nashville Blogger, Chloe Wen, helped us learn how to ‘Make Money While Blogging’. Chloe quit college to become a full-time blogger and she hasn’t looked back. Chloe gave us some AMAZING tips & tricks, plus I met some new bloggers. It was a great way to network!

Photo by Alaina K Mullin

Madness Is, Splashed by D&K, and Shea Steele – I know I already gave a spotlight to Any Old Iron, but I have to give another shout-out to three amazing designers that caught my eye: Madness Is, Splashed by D&K, and Shea Steele. Seriously, if any of these designers want to start making plus-size pieces, I’ll be the first in line.

Madness Is presented an ALL BLACK modern collection with clean lines and a simple yet bold statement. The Nashville fashion brand specializes in handmade knitwear and vegan accessories. Each piece told a story without as the models came down the runway. It’s exciting to know a designer of this caliber exists in Nashville.

Madness Is – Photo: Gerry Navarette

Splashed by DKG is an up-cycled denim line with a big attitude! I had the chance to talk to the designers, Daniel and Derek, and they told me the spirit behind the line. The pair turn ‘everyday looks’ into runway worthy pieces. They strive to make customer feel like celebs as each piece is handmade and custom. Their presentation was part motivational protest and part inspirational amazingness.

Splashed by D&K – Photo: Nolan Knight

The Shea Steele collection showed during the Ready to Wear presentation. Ready-to-Wear is just as it states, each piece can be purchased as-is and the designes are ready to ship to boutiques. Something about Shea Steele’s embellished body-con looks, shift dresses, and mixed prints makes you want to buy the whole line.

Shea Steele – Photo: Alaina K Mullin

The Gorgeous and Diverse Models – I couldn’t end this story without mentioning the beautiful models. We saw familiar faces and new lovelies represented by Nashville’s top modeling agencies. I was so happy to see a diverse selection of models every night! Also, the models were so PROFESSIONAL! Meaning, when wardrobe mishaps and stage directions went wrong, the models handled it with style and grace. Loved it!

Models wearing MINXX – shot by Alaina Latona

I could go on and on about the wonder week of fashion, but I’ll stop. You can find more photos on the Nashville Fashion Week website. Did you attend the shows? What was your favorite part? Let’s talk about it in the comments section.

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