YOUTUBE: I won an award! Nashville Black 40 under 40!

Hey everyone! Guess who’s sticking to her posting schedule and attempting to give you all the content! YA! This week, we have new VLOG! Follow me to the Stay on the Go Magazine, Black ’40 under 40′ awards. I will continue to thank you for voting for me to win this award. It felt really good to be acknowledged by my peers. It’s only upward from here.


Below is a short video from the day’s event. It was quite swanky. We had fancy brunch, mimosas, live jazz, and an awards ceremony.The staff at City Winery really outdid themselves. The services was amazing and I was very surprised at the tasty food! I love City Winery, but I’m not a wine girl, LOL, so I’m always here for some tasty food. In addition, I just loved meeting the other honorees and their family members. Sometimes, you forget how many great people are in your city – that are doing GREAT THINGS!

 Enjoy this week’s video. Let me know what types of videos you’d want to see in the future and I’ll make sure to do something fun for you!

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