#NashvilleCurves presents Kimmy

FabGlance is not the only plus-size blogger in the city. Every day I find another woman sharing her stylish plus-size experience online. When I stumbled across Kimmy’s microblog on Instagram, I knew I had to follow. Every day, Kimmy shares her great style and amazing ideas online. She never stays away from discussing the topics of feminism, race relations, and being fat in America. We need more truthful, young, vibrant voices like hers in our world. Make sure to follow Kimmy, as she adds style and truth to your timeline!

Name, Age: Kimmy, 25

What do you do, why do you do it?
I have a full time 8-5 job but that isn’t my passion. I do Instagram and social media because I have found these are meaningful ways to interact with people. It is also a space where less represented body types and less represented people, like people of color of disabled people, finally have a space to be themselves and get messages of support from followers and friends. I love having an online space and community to uplift people who are traditionally left out of a lot of spaces.

What made you embrace your curves?
When did you say, “I’m ok with me?” Honestly, joining Instagram was the biggest step in overcoming my body hate and turning it into body love. I found a huge community of women who were plus size and curvy. It was the first time I had ever seen women who looked like me, and they looked beautiful. I was able to shift my perception of myself and curvier and larger bodies by seeing these women, and seeing them apologetically love themselves authentically.

“I try to . . . remind people that our physical appearance is not a determining factor of our worth as humans.”

Have you had to deal with mean or backhanded comments from family, friends, and/or strangers? What did you do?
I’ve been a fat person my whole life. In childhood, I dealt with bullies. Into my teenage years, I dealt with reject from men because of my weight. As I’ve been an adult, I’ve gotten off hand comments from family and partners family about “how I’d be so much prettier if I lost 20 pounds”. Now, as a person on the internet, I deal with random people who don’t know me telling me about my body and “health”. These comments used to consume me as a child and teenager, even as a younger adult. But after being on the internet for a few years and learning, I tend to simply ignore these comments. People do not know my life nor what is best for me. That is between me and possibly, my doctor. I try to gently, or aggressively, remind people that our physical appearance is not a determining factor of our worth as humans. I remind them that they cannot look at me and tell me what my health is, and even if I do have health problems, I am still worthy and have dignity.

What would you tell your YOUNGER curvy self?
Love yourself. I wish I would have learned to love myself earlier. I wish I wouldn’t have taken all those mean comments to heart. I wish I would have stood up for myself more. I would tell myself to be braver, and that people’s opinion of me just doesn’t matter. I am worthy no matter what I look like, or what I weigh, or who I love, or how I express myself.

When you were asked to do a bathing suit shoot, what was your first reaction?
I was very excited! I think a few years ago I would have been terrified and even declined to participate. But where I stand how, I am excited to show off my “bikini body”. It was fun to work with other incredible curvy women in town!

What’s your favorite store to shop at and why? (local, online, vintage/thrift, etc)
My go-to is Forever 21 plus. I know they will always have all the basics and more that I need for a price I can afford. I do wish they would offer larger sizes. Otherwise, my other go to is goodwill.

“I promise, fat women have money and we want to look cute . . .”

Tell us about one item in your closet you’ll never let go of?
My favorite item that I will never let go of is this striped sweater I got from H&M a few years back. H&M generally has a terrible plus size section, but I was lucky to stumble upon a very comfy, light weight black and white striped sweater. It is very forgiving, when I lost weight it fit, and as I’ve gained weight back, it still fits and looks great and feels great. It is easy to dress up and down.

Describe your favorite summer look?
Breezy, cool, lots of cleavage. Low cut dresses, sandals, confidence.

What does Nashville need to add to its CURVE APPEAL?
Nashville is severely lacking in plus size stores and boutiques. I can’t go shop for clothes with my friends unless we go to Opry Mills, and still then I only have sux options, when they have 30. I need little boutiques and major store chains to offer more sizes than S-L. Go out on a limb. The average size of the American woman is a size 14-16. Offer a 2x, 3x, 4x. I promise, fat women have money and we want to look cute, and we will drop money on your store and tell all our friends about it; you just have to start offering plus sizes in your store first.

You can follow Kimmy on Instagram as @Liquid_Universe


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