MY STYLE: One last white dress for the season

I’ve been blogging for like 17 million years, so I have about 49,000 posts about Wearing White After Labor Day. So, when I realized I hadn’t worn this CUTE dress from Ashley Stewart, it inspired me to write about the topic again. So, are we or are we NOT wearing white after Labor Day? Let’s discuss.


I don’t have to tell you again . . . DO WHAT YOU WANT! If you live in a warm climate, it’s hard to take in the FALL FANTASY. Dude, it’s hot! You don’t have time for layers and all-a-that. Get your iced pumpkin tasty treat and keep wearing your shorts. But, for a part-time traditionalist like me, I find ways to embrace the warm temps, but with fall flair. It’s like when you see a short-sleeved turtleneck and you wonder, “Who wears that?” ME! See, I get to have the fall flair, with the hot weather cut. That’s how you do it.


As for this dress, this is the LAST day I’ll be wearing it in 2017. It just looks too summer-ish for my fall sensibilities. I know we have a couple more 90 degree days in Tennessee, but you won’t see me rocking this dress. Enjoy it now, you’ll see it again next year.

So, what’s your take on wearing white after Labor Day? Do you break the rules, follow the rule, or walk the line? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


3 thoughts on “MY STYLE: One last white dress for the season

  1. I can never thank you enough for the #showyourarms campaign. I used it so many times this year in my conversations with different women to not only talk about baring your arms, but more substantially, being comfortable in your own body, freeing ourselves from the limitations placed on us by society, and not allowing shame to keep you from living your best life. Thank you for your vision and your impact. #bodypositivity


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