5 Ways to Be a Better Blogger in the New Year!

New Year, New me? How about New Year, Better Me!

That sounds better and includes me being a better blogger too. I got over attempting to be a NEW version of ME every year and decided to improve me in the new year. In previous years I’d make all these wild promises, get frustrated, become stagnant, and end the year unaccomplished. Then I decided to flip it.I’d spotlight what actually worked last year. Then update and upgrade my techniques, consistency, and decisions.

It’s The Ladder Effect. Each rung of a ladder is needed to get you closer to the top. You can’t despise the first step just because it’s easy and you can’t deny the last step just because it’s harder to reach. You just keep climbing, using each rung as a way to get you closer to the top. If it worked last year, I should do it more often and more concisely this year. That’s the key. You can attach this technique to any goal from health to getting out of debt and to blogging.

5 ways to be a better blogger

  1. Blog more consistently – Last year I told myself I’d update my blog at least twice per week. I started off good, but got overwhelmed with life.  Find your consistency and stick with it. If it’s two times a month, then that’s what your readers will expect. If it’s two times a week, same deal. Find what works for you, then commit to it. No matter what, never go a FULL MONTH without updating your website. Even if it’s a roundup of your favorite Instagram photos, make sure your website never goes silent.
  2. Promote yourself more often – YOUR biggest cheerleader is YOU! If you don’t promote yourself, who will? When you post a new blog, make sure you share the link at least FIVE TIMES in five different places: Newsletters, email exchanges, social media, text message, etc.  People won’t read if they don’t KNOW!
  3. Use social platforms more creatively – We know the algorithms suck. We know the world will make you think Instagram is the only place to share photos and content. Remember, these sites are still FREE! Be creative. For bloggers and influencers Instagram is important, but it’s not the only place to share. Twitter lets you post links in your captions and post up to four photos at a time. Facebook let’s you share up to 15 photos with paragraph long caption. Oh, let’s not forget about LinkedIn; update your LinkedIn profile and get to sharing!

196 million people use social media, and those people exist on at least 5 separate platforms! – Fabglance.com

4. Work your niche – Figure out what your readers like and do that more often. For me, it’s style, motivation, and blogging tips. Every week, I want to post about one (or all) of these topics on the website. Then, anything I post on social media will reflect that niche. Being a fruit cocktail of random posts can make readers lose interest. Scale back, be intentional, and post more often!

5. Repost/Update past content – Did you have a post do well last year? REPOST and Re-Share! Same with a post that needs more love. Update and Re-Share posts that need more attention. Remember, only 10% of your followers (on any platform) see what you post – the first time. As a DJ would yell, ‘REWIND’! Use a new photo to create interest. Bring those eyes to your blog.

These tips will get the readers on your site and the followers on your timeline!

In the comment section, let me know your blogging goals for 2019!



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