Goal Setting for the New Year with the Blogger Xchange

New Year, New Goals! The Blogger Xchange team asked Alex, of Lex What Wear, and me to speak to bloggers about setting goals to build their brands. Y’all know I love to help bloggers (and want-to-be bloggers) get into the game. Setting tangible goals to build your brand is the best way for you to get success.

We met at The Lab Nashville, had tasty treats, and talked strategy. When I spoke to the group, I emphasized “beginning at the beginning” and “finding consistency”. Basically the same tips I shared in my 5 Ways to be a Better Blogger post. If you want to make moves in this blog game, you have to set the foundation and build consistently. There is someone who wants to hear your story, but if you don’t have anything for them to read/follow, then what’s the point.

Additionally, the need for bloggers is coming back – not just social media influencers. I talk about this often. Instagram, while still popular, doesn’t give followers depth that they are looking for. Having a blog site give readers a place to explore the meaning behind the pretty pic. Now is the time to advance your blogging game.

Thanks to Leigh and Kay for inviting me to speak to the bloggers! The ladies led a wonderful goal-setting session. It helped us break our lofty goals down to bite-sized measurable action steps. We are sure to accomplish amazing things this year.

In addition, my co-speaker, Alex talked about the important of making sure you a blogging about things that are meaningful to you and your audience, self-care, and choosing when to step away from the social media runaround. Definitely great topics to encourage us to take blogging more seriously – but with intention!

Make sure to follow The Blogger Xchange for more events and workshops. The team is making sure Nashville Bloggers have knowledge to set ourselves apart from the pack.

What are your blogging goals for 2019?

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