My Three-Day Juice Cleanse With Juice Nashville

It’s a new year but I’m back to my old ways and that’s not a bad thing. I’m JUICING again! Last summer I completed a 40 Day Detox. I had amazing results, lost some weight, and learned some great healthy tips.

Many of you wanted to do a juice cleanse after reading my results, but didn’t trust that you had the best recipes, the right equipment, or the discipline to go 40 days. So, I partnered with JUICE NASHVILLE to help introduce my beginners to the JUICE life!

Doing a juice cleanse with Juice Nashville makes juicing EASY! They offer one day and three day cleanses, from beginner to intermediate, and they deliver the juice right to your door! The price is comparable to juicing at home (around $125) Plus the offer expertly mixed flavors that allow you to try new recipes with less waste.

This week I’m doing the 3-Day Intermediate cleanse. Each 3-day cleanse includes 15 juice blends and 3 almond milk blends. Everyday you drink about 6 bottles of liquid (with water in between each bottle). So, stay close to the bathroom – it’s a lot of liquid!

So far I’ve loved EVERY JUICE in this cleanse. My favorite has to be SING. Sing is a combination of Spinach, kale, green apples, and lemon. The almond milk blends are great too. It’s the last blend of the day to help you sleep and feel full.

Each juice comes in a handy 12oz container made right here in Nashville. When you order a 1-day or 3-day cleanse it comes in a handy tote for easy transport. Like I said, JUICE Nashville delivers to metro Nashville or you can pick up at the designated pick spots. So EASY!

Click the pic for 10% off your order!

click here for 10% off your order

Yes, the team at Juice Nashville is giving Fab Glance readers 10% off your order. They have 1-day and 3-day cleanse PLUS you can order the juices as singles, whatever flavors you’d like to try. Wanna go all green for three days? Do it!

Let me know if you are trying a juice cleanse? What’s your fave combo?

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