My 40 Day Detox – Before and After

I did it! I made it! I finished my 40 Day Detox and I’m proud of myself! Back in June, I had doubts that I could finish this challenge, but I had more hope that I wanted to change my life and my eating habits. Today, I’m proud to say I lost 27lbs in 40 days!

My confidence is BACK baby! I’m ready to give you amazing style photos and slay for the fall! I have a renewed sense of FAITH in myself. Completing this challenge has inspired me to continue my weight-loss journey.


My next goal is to lose 25lbs before my alumni (Tennessee State University) homecoming, Oct 20th. Then an additional 25lbs by Christmas. If all goes as planned, I’ll have lost 75lbs in one year! It is entirely possible and I’m gonna do it.

The before and after photo

I know y’all came for the elusive before and after photo. If you decide to drink most of your meals for 40 days you expect to see some changes too. Of course, I FELT better, but photos show all the secrets:

Y’all! Don’t make fun of me out here in my drawers, but do you see the difference?!!! Omg! This is just 40 days of NO SWEETS, no fried foods, juicing 90% of the time, and eating plant-based the other 10% of the time. That’s just 27lbs. Wait til the next before and after photo! Y’all gonna be mad … mad proud!

You gonna eat like that forever?

In a recent instastory, I discussed what my new ‘diet’ would be. Many asked if I’d be vegan, others asked if I’d be vegetarian? My choice is Dairy Free Flexitarian. A vegan is a belief system that implores participants not to consume or buy ANY animals products including food and clothing. Now, see, I like chicken wings too much and I like to have fun with fashion. So, I wont be vegan. But more power to those who are. Also, I’ll never support businesses who treat animals unethically. There can be a balance.

However, my plan is to juice 50% of my meals daily, stay away from dairy and sweets, and eat as many vegetables as possible. Adding a 4-5 day a week workout schedule will definitely get me to my goal by Christmas.

Thank you for your support!

I have to thank every reader for your support! In addition, shout out to all of you who started detoxes of your own!

When you are ready, you are ready! Don’t feel guilty looking at someone’s before & after photos if you aren’t ready to dedicate time and effort to the journey. It’s ok! One day, you will be ready, and then you will change. Oh yeah, I’ll be there to support you!

Click here to read more about my 40 Day Detox journey – recipes and plan included!

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