My 40 Day Detox – Week One

I started a 40 Day Detox and I’m here to give you some tips, recipes, and keep it real with how detoxing makes you feel. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with my daily recipes and musings about being on this detox. It’s not easy, but the outcome is definitely fulfilling. Y’all, I’ve lost 15lbs in one week! Needless to say, I’ll be going the distance – with a couple of safety precautions of course. Scroll down to get the answers to your detox questions.

FYI: This post contains amazon affiliate links

The Fabglance Detox

I wanted to detox to lose weight – real talk. But after prayer and some introspection, I needed some discipline and focus too. Detoxing is about removing the foods that you’ve been overindulging. No food is BAD, but going overboard is bad! And, y’all, I was going overboard on the cheese, the sweets, and the salty snacks. After consulting with my doctor, doing my googles, looking at my schedule, and watching the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documentary, I was ready to get started.

Even though I’ve been on a weight-loss journey, I was still sneaking snacks. At first I wanted to do a 60 Day JUST JUICE fast. However, my schedule is very hectic, I have diverticulosis (kinda like IBS), and I work out. I need to keep the fiber in my body to keep my bowels moving.  So, my detox is MOSTLY juice with raw salad, veggie purees, and smoothies in the mix. 

40 Day Detox recipes

I drink almost 100oz of water a day as well as some cups of tea. My schedule looks a bit like this:

  • 7a – 32oz water mixed with 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 8a – Glass of green tea with ginger, lemon, and honey
  • 9a – 16 oz of water (add lemon or whatever fruit)
  • 10a – 16oz Smoothie
  • 11a – 160z of water
  • 12p – Green juice or veggie puree + water
  • 2p – Water
  • 4p – Another juice
  • 5p – Yeah girl, more water
  • 6p – Salad or Smoothie
  • 9p – Tea, warm almond milk, or finish off one of the juices
  • 10p – You still up? Drink some water and some more tea. Then go to bed!

Getting prepared to detox

What you’ll need – I got most of my stuff from amazon. This is the most AFFORDABLE version for people starting a detox. You could def be more fancy, but check your wallet and adjust as needed.:


How much does it cost to do a detox?

So, lots of people asked me about how much it costs to detox. It costs me about $75 a week. Apart from purchasing the supplies above, many I’ve already had, the start-up fee wasn’t too bad. Some detoxes I researched suggested using ALL fresh fruit and only organic fruit. Well, girl, I’m not balling like that! So, I use some frozen fruit for my smoothies, regular and organic fruits & veggies for juicing, and visit the farmer’s market to get IN-SEASON fruits & veggies.

But, girl, tell us how you really feel about this detox!

Ok, real-talk, the first three days of a detox are THE HARDEST! Not gonna lie. The first day I was irritable, tired, and head-achy. The second day, I was less irritable, but I still had a headache, and I was so tired. I’ve been going to bed super early (like 10am).

Also, because you can’t snack, you get bored easy and you realize how much you want to eat. I really didn’t realize how much I think about FOOD! Detoxing is more about behavioral management. It’s about changing the way you relate to food. As a blogger, I go to so many events that offer food and drinks. I had to think about what I can do at these events, if I’m not eating what everyone else is eating. It’s forcing me to socialize and be disciplined.

Oh yeah, don’t think that all these juices are TASTY. Sometimes you just drink it like a shot so you can get those nutrients in your body. Actually, I try to drink the non-tastiest juices before lunch. The Green Goblin: Celery, Cucumber, Lemon, Ginger, Kale is WRETCHED! But the energy boost you get after drinking it is amazing. Basically, to get what you want, you gotta do what other people aren’t willing to do.


Will you last 40 Days?

Yup! I’m determined to go the distance. Now that I’ve added a salad or puree for dinner, it’s made a big difference. But more than that, I want to prove to myself that I can do it. I can’t front, the weight-loss is amazing and I feel really good. My skin is so clear, my edges are growing, my joints feel amazing, and I sleep like so well. I’m excited to see the results.

Have you ever done a detox? Should I write a Fabglance Detox e-book?

Let me know in the comments section! Make sure to follow me on Instagram for DAILY updates.


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