My 40 Day Detox – Week Two

I’ve officially completed two weeks of my #40DayDetox. Last week I gave you the details on how to start your own 40 Day Detox. This week, I’m gonna talk about some changes and missteps I’ve made in week two. Remember, doing a detox is not an exact science. My overall goal is weight-loss and mental discipline.


Is this a Juice Fast or a Detox, or what?

This started as a juice fast and has settled into a detox. I’m not being super strict on myself but I’m listening to what my body wants, while sticking to the rule of: No meat, no fried food, no refined sugars, 100+ oz of water a day, and making sure to drink juices and smoothies for more than 90% of my meals. Basically I eat one meal a day and juice/water/smoothie the rest of the time. My goal is to not eat after 9pm.


Working out while on a 40 Day Detox

So, this week, I re-introduced working out to the mix. Whew LAWD! I didn’t die. And, it wasn’t too hard. Officially, I’ve lost 18lbs while on this detox and I FEEL lighter. My joints don’t ache, my feet aren’t swollen, and my stamina is high. The key to working out while on a detox is to make sure you have enough potassium and electrolytes. Your mind might go to Gatorade, but naw, the best way to get those nutrients is BEET JUICE! Yup! Oh yeah, and coconut water. So, the whole day, all my smoothies were made with coconut water and afterward I had a beet juice. I didn’t die.

Adding food to the detox

So, last week was the 4th of July. Luckily, and weirdly, it fell on a Wednesday, so everyone was kinda busy. I wasn’t invited to any BBQ’s but that was a good thing. I didn’t have to deal with tasty temptation. I did try some meat substitutes this week – not bad. I had the Kroger Meatless Burger Patties and the Field Roast Chipotle Sausage. I really liked both, but I don’t think I’ll continue eating meatless options during this detox.

As I said, I want to lose weight. Meatless options have grains and/or tofu but also a ton of carbs, sodium, and sugars. Meatless options are good for sometimes, but not all the time. If you are gonna detox, go all the way. Stick to the fruits and veggies for the most part. So, salads and soups for me!


Saving money while detoxing

Last thing, let’s talk about saving money while participating in a 40 Day Detox. It’s no surprise that trying to eat healthy seems like the most expensive thing in the world. My homegirl kept telling me to go to Aldi to get my produce. She was right, it was much more affordable. Last week I spent $65 on the same amount of groceries. This week I spent $40 – and some of my purchases were ORGANIC! Oh yeah! Go to Aldi when you start your detox.

So, that’s it for week two of my 40 Day Detox.

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