#BloggerLife: I don’t want to be a plus-size blogger

I know this title is a bit awkward but I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. This is, like, my 12th year blogging. I’ve had some HUGE successes and I’ve had plenty valleys. I’ve always called myself a fashion blogger, but I’ve often been asked why don’t I concentrate my efforts on being a PLUS- SIZE BLOGGER. And, that always gets me to thinking about the importance or non-importance of niche blogging.

Read any ‘How to blog’ post from the google and you’ll see much talk about finding your niche and finding your audience. While, true, niche blogging can sometime pigeon hole authentic personalities. You see, blogging is all about sharing your life with your readers.

Lately, I’ve been drawn to share my most authentic self on this here internet. We can all admit that social media platforms such as Instagram have driven the idea of PERFECTION deep into our psyche. If your are a mom blogger, you gotta be the perfect mom with gorgeous hair and adorable kids that never cry. If you are a fashion blogger, you have to have all the name brand labels, the perfect tan, and the most amazing photos. And if, you are a plus-size blogger, you have to be completely ok with your size, ready to show skin to the world, and be ok with fighting internet trolls about your health status. Seriously, it’s all so exhausting.

Be the best blogger – be you!

As a writer, I love sharing the stories of my life with you guys. My life, doesn’t always revolve around my weight or my clothes. I’m proud to say that after 11 years of blogging, I’ve evolved and I’m more than capable to write about all facets of life that interest me. After writing my book, Jack and Ahlia, II’ve been happy to report that my readers are ready to grow with me. Y’all have been with me for the long haul.

Trust yourself, then trust your readers

If you are a new blogger, trying to make your way on this community, don’t be afraid to share your authentic self. Yes, you may be a mom – but you’re also a partner, a relative, and a friend. Finding your niche is good in the beginning, but don’t feel like you have to stick with it forever. Trust me, you’ll be bored to tears within a year.

I often use my social platforms to figure out what my readers want. Sometimes, I post what I want and I’m surprised that it speaks to their collective consciousness. So, test the water. At the end of the day, your readers follow you because they like your personality. Personalities are not one-dimensional.

So, you ain’t a plus-size blogger?

Nope, I’m not. I’m a lifestyle blogger who happens to be plus-sized. Yup, I’ll still tell you where I got my clothes, but I want readers who are just hype about style, and fun, and being better at this #bloggerlife side hustle, and just like vibing with me. And, girl, you know I love clothes! Clothes ain’t going no where!

As I start my 12th year blogging and authorship, I’m so blessed that you’ve decided to grow with me. Oh yeah, if you have a brand, you can partner with me too! Let’s live life together – multi dimensionally!

3 thoughts on “#BloggerLife: I don’t want to be a plus-size blogger

  1. I’ve been screaming multifaceted for so long! It’s one of the reasons when I chose my blog name I chose to use my name. I didn’t want to be pigeonholed into a niche. Love your thoughts per usual!!


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