My 40 Day Detox – Week Three

We are officially at the halfway point of this 40 Day Detox! Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be sharing so much with you guys. But knowing I’m going to write these posts keeps me accountable. Also, I’ve gained so much SUPPORT from my readers! Y’all are the best. I’m so happy my change is inspiring you to change too! Let’s get healthy together. So, what’s been happening during Week Three? Read more below:

I had the best period ever while detoxing

OMG! OMG! Does it make sense to say this was the BEST PERIOD EVER? Well it was! Fellas, take a seat. Ladies, lean in! Ladies, if you want to have the best period ever, do a plant based detox. My normal period usually lasts 5 days – this one 4 days. The fourth day was like a nothing day!

Cramps? What cramps! On the second day I was prepared for my normal agony. I was mad that I didn’t have Advil on tap. Well, I didn’t need to be mad because my cramps were non-existent! Y’all, I found ONE Advil in my purse, took it, and I was cramp free for 24hours – while JUICING! Can you believe it! After that, I was cramp free for the duration of my cycle. I thought the weight-loss was the best part of this detox. Nope, it’s this amazing menstrual cycle. Detox life might be my forever life.

She’s down 20lbs! Yes she is!

My weight-loss plateaued!

Real-talk, I was feeling a way about this. The first two weeks, I lost a dramatic amount of weigh in a short amount of time. Week three, I lost two pounds. Normally, any nutritionist would tell me that that’s amazing. So, I had to wrap my mind around being HEALTHY and creating new eating habits, versus losing weight quickly just to look good. I decided to do this detox because I wanted to break my bad eating habits. Losing weight was a CLOSE second. I have to remember that.

Also, duh, I was on my period. I was retaining water. I was also lazing around and not putting my all into my workouts. So, yeah, I can see why I didn’t lose as much weight this week.

But, these DETOX cravings!

So, even though I physically had an amazing period, the CRAVINGS were still there. I wanted sweets and carbs with a vengeance. I obliged my cravings, in a healthy way, by finally trying Ezekiel bread and going crazy with fruit. Y’all, I made this vegetarian chocolate dip: Cocoa Powder, Honey, and Almond Milk – it saved my soul! I was still juicing 90% of the time, but adding those carb-filled treats definitely stunted my weight-loss. I’ll do better this week.

After doing a session in the pouring rain!

Exercising while detoxing – part two

Y’all, I worked out in the rain AND I worked out in work clothes! So, the first part of the week, I went to workout and it started raining. I never thought I’d be the one, but I finisher my walk in the RAIN! The second day I worked out, I forgot my gym bag. So, I walked two miles in the same look I wore to work. Dedication! That’s what that is. This upcoming week I plan to work out 3 days and amp up the effort.

I’ve made it over the hump where you feel like your going to die because you aren’t eating a lot of solid food. My body has adjusted to the calorie drop and I’m drinking more water. I’ve figured out the secret to not having leg & stomach cramps or feeling dizzy while exercising. Thank God for Coconut Water and Beet Juice! Life savers, I tell ya, lifesavers!

So, I made it 21 Days!

Truthfully, I thought about ending the detox. I mean, I lost 20lbs in 21 days! That’s awesome! But, I ain’t no quitter! And, this is way more than a WEIGHT-LOSS experiment. Y’all, I’m seriously considering becoming a vegetarian! I’ve experienced so many tasty ways to incorporate veggies into my life, I feel better than I’ve felt in YEARS, and I’m looking real cute! I’m not saying I’m Vegetarian for life, I’m just saying, meat will return very sparingly. So, I gotta go all the way. I gotta make myself and you guys proud.

I’m listening to my body, exercising, and loving this juice & veggie life.

On to the next 20 days! Follow me on Instagram for daily updates.

Glass bottles holding various fresh juices for a juice fast detox
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