My 40 Day Detox – Weeks 4 and 5

Welcome back! It’s Detox Review time!

First up, thank you for following me on this journey! I’ve gained so many new readers and fans in the blog, my instagram, and my Facebook page. Also, I appreciate when you email and send me messages about starting your own detoxes! If I encourage just ONE person to be a bit healthier, then I’ve done my job. After all, it was one person who inspired me to start again too.

How’s the detox going?

Updated eating plan – add more veggies!

It’s going WELL! Actually, so much better than I ever expected. I know I missed last week’s update, but I DO post my daily drinks and food (yes food, I’ll get into that) on my instagram.

The past two weeks were hectic. Work is pleasantly busy and I’m enjoying blogging again. We shot the 2018 addition of Nashville Curves and I cannot WAIT to show you guys the images. Also, I’ve been planning a chill plus-size meet-up in August (shh, don’t tell anyone!). Oh yeah, I’m going on vacation next week too! So, I’ve had to adjust my detox to handle a more hectic schedule.

I’m a firm believer finding joy in life changes. The 40 Day Detox was designed for me to break bad eating habits, form new healthy habits, and lose some weight. So, as I realized how busy I was getting, I had to ad more solids and more exercise into the mix. Now, I’m eating one plant-based meal a day, one smoothie, 100oz of water, and two juices a day.

Vegan Pizza from Slim & Huskey’s

I thought this was a juice fast?

I started with the intention of only drinking juices and smoothies, but I changed my mind. I wanted to do something more realistic that I’d be able to complete for 40 days. I found myself being wildly hungry by the end of the night and I had an unpleasant attitude. Adding salads, soups, and purees helped. I’ve tried some vegan proteins as well.

All these steps have allowed me to totally change my palate. Now, I’ll crave a SALAD or oranges. Before the 40 Day Detox, I was devoted to carbs and sweets. Now, I love drinking my water, trying new juice combos, and listening to my body when it needs more or less of a vitamin or nutrient.

I’m here to tell you, trusting yourself to give up junk food and treats for 40 days, will give you a new lease on life. Try it!

Enjoying the beautiful wildflowers

How much weight have you lost?

Since I’ve added meals to the mix, my weight-loss has slowed down. But, I’m not mad. I’ve found a balance. So far, at day 36, I’ve lost 25lbs! Each week I’m losing about 2-3lbs. My joints aren’t swollen, I sleep amazingly, and my MOOD is so much better.

Of course, when I added solid meals to the mix, I increased my workouts. Now, my goal is to workout at least 3x a week for more than 45 minutes. I’ve been enjoying this weather and hitting some of the amazing walking trails in the city. Walking the trails help relieve stress too.

Give me all the vegan wraps!

Are you vegan now?

So, I’ve been getting this question frequently as I’ve been only eating vegan or plant-based meals. Short answer, NO, I’m not going to be vegan. Being vegan is not only a dietary change, it’s a belief system. Vegans don’t wear leather, fur, or consume any thing from animals. While I respect that notion, I love chicken wings WAY too much.

So, when these 40 days are done, I will consider myself a Dairy-Free Flexatarian. A flexatarian is a person who consumes meat on occasion, but primarily eats a plant-based diet. I’m already allergic to beef and pork. When my body needs an extra punch of meat protein, I’ll allow myself to eat some lean chicken or a piece of fish. Still, no dairy.

My new goal, starting August 7th is to lose another 50lbs by Christmas. I will do this by sticking to my juicing schedule, eating one flexatarian style meal a day, and working out 3-4 times a week. Staying away from junk food, sweets, and white carbs, will help me even more!

Pounds and inches coming down!

Well, on to the final week of this detox journey! I’m working on a super simple Ebook to help others who want to try this out. A 40 Day Detox is an awesome way to lose weight, break bad eating habits, and feel good. When the ebook is done, I’ll make sure to let you know! You should probably follow me on Instagram to stay updated!

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