#MOTIVATION: Deal with it, before it deals with you

This week’s motivation post is coming a bit late in the week, but after a recent visit with my therapist (yeah girl, I got a therapist. She’s bomb!), I had to process what she told me. If you know me in real life, you know I’m not really emotional. Well, I’m not outwardly emotional. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have emotions. Oh, I have plenty. But, as I work with my therapist, I’m learning that it’s OK to let some of them show. Why?

If you keep pushing your emotions down, they are eventually gonna come out. Like anything in life, you can try to hide as much as you’d like, but girl, the truth will show. It will bubble to the surface and if you don’t deal with it now, it can cause havoc to your life. It’s like emotional procrastination. If you know anything about procrastination, you know it can be more stressful than just buckling down and doing the hard work. Why are we so afraid to deal with the hard stuff?

And, not just emotional baggage, ANYTHING! That big project at work, that long overdue conversation with your partner, that lie you told your best friend, and anything else you try to sweep under the rug is gonna make it’s way to the front of the room. Sometimes, we even hide the good things, because we don’t want our light to shine too bright. Oh girl, that’s another problem all in itself.

Basically, be an adult, use your words, and deal with your ish. Do it now. Dealing with hidden struggles helps us be better humans. We can walk out of victim-mode and into a courageous light as we deal with our issues in a efficient and effective manner. Try it out!


Deal with it, today!

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