#BLOGGERLIFE: It’s Time to Recycle … those old posts!

In this week’s #Bloggerlife post, we’ll discuss recycling content. As online influencers it’s easy to get stressed about creating new and amazing content. All the ‘gurus’ tell you to have the best photos, the most amazing and engaging captions, and a blogpost with the perfect keywords for SEO optimization. While those are true, sometimes you’ll post and not get the views your content deserves. That’s when it’s time to recycle!

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On last week’s Blogger Life Chat, we discussed the issues with Instagram’s algorithms. It’s a never ending quest to get your content in front of the most eyes.

Instagram is known for having higher engagement rates than any other social media networksource

Truthfully, even if you have one million followers, your engagement rate is about 3%-6%. That calculation is determined by the amount of likes on a post, the amount of comments, and the amount of followers you have in general.

LIKES plus COMMENTS divided by FOLLOWER COUNT multiplied by 100 equals Engagement Rate per post.

So what does this have to do with recycling posts? Basically, the bulk of your followers will never see you post no matter how dope it is! It’s just not possible. You may be a mom blogger who usually posts in the AM but one day you decided to post at night. That post may get less engagement because other moms are typically online during the day when kids are in school. Your post then tumbled into the abyss, never to be liked again. Same goes with blogposts.

Don’t be afraid to ask

So, it’s time to recycle that post, picture, or article! Review old content that didn’t do so well. Try reposting on your personal Facebook page, your twitter timeline, or in a group chat with friends. Why those places? Well, people can easily click the link and go straight to the post (blog post or Instagram photo). Don’t be afraid to ask your circle to go ‘like’ your photos or read your posts. Don’t be too pushy, but a gentle reminder never hurts.

This image is from 2017, reposted on IG in 2019

Re-Post those photos

If you are an online influencer with a heavy emphasis on high quality photos, you may be sitting on TONS of never seen or under appreciated photos! Listen, even Tyra Banks reposts photos! Use the photo in a different context. Those wacky Days of the Year are always a fun way to recycle an amazing photo (and blogpost).

Updating Old Blogposts

Another great way to recycle content is to update an old, popular post, with new information. Maybe you have new affiliate links to use or a more timely photo that matches the content better, try updating and re-sharing that post to your followers. This is also a great time to check for grammar as well.

The one mistake people do when updating old blogposts is changing the link/date of the post. NEVER DO THAT. Keep the date and link as that will keep you SEO rank on Google.

You ready?

Don’t waste photos or content! Review and recycle! Remember, the bulk of your followers didn’t see it the first time and the rest may have forgotten altogether. You work too hard to let great content be forgotten!

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8 thoughts on “#BLOGGERLIFE: It’s Time to Recycle … those old posts!

  1. These are great tips! I’ve thought about recycling old content, but was always skeptical. I’ll for sure think more into it now. Thanks for sharing! Xo

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  2. Such great tips! I definitely am on the picture recycling bus. I take 100 photos in an outfit and might only post 3, it anymore. Let’s post all 100. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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