Stylishly Tasty with Slim & Husky’s

Slim & Husky’s is Nashville’s pizza! By now, if you live in Nashville and you haven’t had a pizza from Slim & Husky’s pizza you must live under a rock. Slim and Husky’s Pizza Beeria rocked the Nashville culinary scene like no other restaurant. Maybe it’s because people love pizza, maybe because of their commitment to the community, or maybe because black people are awesome and we make everything better – no matter what, Slim & Husky’s is here to stay. That’s why I was so happy they asked me to check out their Antioch location, delicious NEW Signature Pasta, and rock their very fly merchandise.

Rocking the WuPream Long Sleeve tee

When Slim & Husky’s came to town I made sure to support! Why? I loved everything the company was about. The owners/creators are Tennessee State University Alumni (So am I), the ingredients are locally sourced, and they open in locations as a way to revitalize, not gentrify. Oh yeah, and everything is hip-hop influenced. From the names on the menu items to music played in each local, you’ll be enveloped in hip-hop history while eating delicious pizza.

That’s why I love ALL of their merchandise, and I’m not one to buy food influenced merchandise.  But I mean, a Wu-Tang inspired tee shirt? Listen, your girl was all on it.


Getting that $10 Tuesday Deal at the Antioch location

Like any popular eatery in Nashville, Slim & Husky’s always has a line. The line is worth the wait because the pizza is good! But when Slim & Husky’s announced they were opening a location in Antioch, TN, I think everyone screamed for joy. The original location on Buchanan, in North Nashville, is small, but very fly. The Antioch location (near Hickory Hollow mall) is much larger, with a bar serving local brew, amazing music, and the same great pizza. But wait, there’s more!



Slim & Husky’s now offers catering! Yes honey! Get you some Slim & Husky’s at your next special event. You can get all the pizza and . . . PASTA! Y’all, the Signature Pasta at Slim & Husky’s is NO JOKE! It’s only offered through their catering services. You are going to want to get this pasta.  They offer four varieties – my fave is the shrimp scampi! Listen, I want to plan a party just so they can cater.


So yeah, if you haven’t tried Slim & Husky’s you need to give them a try. Also, but some of their fly merchandise! The shirts and hats are super cute and a great way to support the hometown team!

Follow Slim & Husky’s on Instagram for updates on new locations in Atlanta and new menu offers!

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