Is dating in Nashville a lost cause?

After attending the recent event, ‘Single in the Ville’, sponsored by Nashville’s newest publication, Nashville Voice I was almost convinced that dating in Nashville was a lost cause.

The Nashville Voice is the city’s newest African-American news publication.  The online news source discusses Nashville news from an black perspective. On Tuesday, at The Lab Nashville, the publication hosted a women-only event aimed at breaking the code of dating in the city. Moderated by Markeith Braden (entrepreneur + success coach), the event asked attendees open-ended questions about their dating experiences in Nashville.

dating in the ville

Let me be clear, this event was specifically geared to BLACK WOMEN who desire to date black men in Nashville. According to the 2010 census, Nashville’s black population is teetering at 28%, with more black people leaving the city than staying. This specificity adds a unintended yet truthful difficulty to finding love in Nashville. In general, black women are the least desired demographic on dating apps (source), less likely to be married in their lifetime (source), and black men tend to marry white women more than black women marrying white men (source). Whew, Chile, we’ve got some work to do.

datin in the ville 2

As our host asked questions, he was met with honest feedback from the attendees. Women ages 22-70 discussed the overwhelming difficulty of dating in Nashville. From being asked out, lack of events catering to our demographic, to sustaining meaningful interactions, the pain of unsuccessful attempts was relevant in the room. Let me be clear, this room held a variety of women: entrepreneurs, college students, business professionals, and blue collar workers. The connecting line was, we all agreed that dating in Nashville was HARD.

dating in the ville 3

But all isn’t doom & gloom. Several ladies recalled finding true love in the city. They spoke of going to places they wouldn’t usually go, being open and honest about their needs, and making sure to keep a positive mindset about dating in general. These sentiments,  were met with approving sighs. It’s true, if you think dating (in general) is hard, you will have a tougher time. Even though we ended on a positive note, the two-hour conversation exposed gaps in the dating pool in our city. The men in attendance (host, planners, and bartender) agreed that the black men in Nashville need to step up, but the women need to be vocal about what they want – and not afraid to hear an answer. Whew!

The next Single in the Ville event is scheduled for next month. This event is just for the guys. After that, the Nashville Voice group wants to host a co-ed event that will no-doubt be something you want to attend. I’m interested to see if these events will bridge some of the gaps in Nashville’s African-American dating pool. Personally, I haven’t had the worst experiences dating in the city, but I can see room for improvements.

Leave a comment below: How do you think we can improve dating in Nashville?

6 thoughts on “Is dating in Nashville a lost cause?

  1. We wanted to make this event so bad, I’m happy to hear that they are planning future events and I’m definitely looking forward to the CoEd one! We honestly think that dating is just hard in general no matter where you live. We think it’s honestly more of a generation change. The old-school/old fashioned mindset isn’t as popular. We feel it’s more instant gratification with social media and dating sites. Not a lot of communication and thought-provoking conversations it’s more surface-level conversations.

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  2. This seems like it was a great event! I’m not really intune with the Nashville dating scene but I have had conversations with some people that say it’s hard! I say.. love will find you when God says so! Xo

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