#BLOGGERLIFE: Meet me at the NBC Nashville Blogger Bash!

In 2019 I set a goal to speak at more events and teach more people the business of blogging and social strategy. So, I’m excited to announce that I’m a speaker at the Nashville Blogging Collective’s Annual Blogger Bash on July 26th – 28th!

Nashville Blogger Bash | Melissa Watkins

Yes, join myself and over 25 blogging experts as we discuss all the aspects of becoming an amazing and successful blogger. I’m teaching a workshop called Top Blogging Mistakes: Lessons I Wish I Knew. I’m so excited to help new bloggers side-step some of the mistakes I made when I started blogging. Like, not getting my business license, not researching a proper blog name, and not asking for help. Yes, you know I’m going to keep it ALL THE WAY REAL because I want you to leave EMPOWERED to share a piece of your world on the internet.

Nashville Blogger Bash | 2019

Make sure you get your tickets ASAP from the Nashville Blogging Collective website. Seriously, there are so many amazing workshops happening during this conference for new bloggers and advanced influencers. Plus, there’s a netwroking event on Friday and a blogger brunch on Sunday! This is going to be a great event!

Nashville Blogger Bash 2019

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and follow the Nashville Blogging Collective too! Reduced price ticket sales posted periodically!

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