My Life: Another BIG Birthday!

Oh my gosh, today is my birthday and I couldn’t be more excited! After two (maybe three) years do feeling stressed, anxious, scared, and confused I know feel more centered and focused than ever before.

Nope, no big announcements. No surprise guests. Just me, feeling like things are finally BACK to going in the right direction. I want to thank my lovely amazing readers, followers, and supporters for always being here!

Been blogging for 11 years and some of y’all have been rocking with me just as long. I see your comments, shared, and likes! Just know in my most harsh days, those simple acts keep my spirits bright. Part-time entrepreneurship is HARD!

I asked God what I could do differently this year. He told me to “BE BIGGER!” Now I’m already a big girl, so that prompt shook me. As I thought about it more, I realized previous heartaches, failures, and trauma have made me shrink. The older I get, the more life I see. The more friends I gain & lose, the more love I have to fight for, and the more times I feel like sanity is fleeting (lol). It can put a lot on the heart.

Yes, I’ve small and don’t want to fight. But, I’m back and I’m better! God said “BE BIGGER” so that’s what I’m going to do. Love bigger, work bigger, take up more space, have a louder voice, and be a big ol’ beacon of light!

Shout out to my photographer Christy, at Authentic Photos and Designs, for taking these AMAZING birthday photos.

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