NASHVILLE CURVES: Meet Kina, super fab thrifter with curve appeal!

It’s time to meet KINA! Kina works in E-Commerce and she’s an amazing stylist! I started following Kina before I ever met her in real life. Then, I met her in real life and was blown away by her amazing style and bubbly personality. I don’t think she meets a stranger. In addition, Kina stepped in when one of my other models had to step out. Some would say that Kina isn’t considered ‘plus-size’ but if you know anything about the fashion industry, anyone over a size EIGHT is considered plus.

I chose Kina for her amazing curves. No matter your overall size, it can be hard to dress curves – weather you have a bigger butt or fuller boobs. So, read more about Kina and her amazing STYLE!


Name and Age

Kina, 35

What do you do, why do you do it?

I’m a E-Commerce Merchandiser by day and Style Curator/Blogger on the side. I’ve been working in retail almost a decade! From starting in the store to working in our corporate setting, footwear retail has been paying the bills.

My mother was an avid shopper, hence I developed my love for fashion and styling. I can tell you who, what, where, and how much something was before social media was active. It’s a great thing to be able to assist others to enhance their appearance. If you’re good at something- you’re supposed to share your gift right?

When you were asked to do a bathing suit shoot, what was your first reaction?

Since I’ve heard of Nashville Curves before, I was aware of the reputation it has and how curvy women are represented. I was excited!


What made you embrace your curves?

I’ve always had a curvaceous body since I was a teenager. Due to stress and working a lot during a certain period of my life- I lost weight drastically and my curves went away. I hated the way I looked and everyone thought I was sick. It was life-changing and I told myself I would never neglect my curves again.

When did you say, “I’m ok with me?”

I grew up in the era when curves weren’t a surgery away. I’ve naturally had butt, hips, and thighs all my life. I’ve always been okay with the curvy Kina because my body type gets recognition from not only men but women. Women always compliment me – “oh I wish I had this or you have the cutest shape”


Have you had to deal with mean or backhanded comments from family, friends, and/or strangers? What did you do?

As I got older and I became a little heavier. Out of concern, they would make comments like if I’m going to diet or workout because my arms are too big or I can’t wear the same type of clothes I used to wear.  But anything I do will be for ME. I have to level up my eating habits and physical activities. I keep it moving regardless of the comments.

What’s your favorite part of your body? Why? 

My butt because milk does a body good 🙂 I’ve had a naturally curvy butt all my life. It’s crazy to think I’ve had this and others are paying to get one built.

Tell us about one item in your closet you’ll never let go of?

I can’t say I have anything because my closet is a revolving door, plus anything has a price these days so I’m willing to part if the price it right!


What’s your favorite store to shop at and why? (local, online, vintage/thrift, etc)

Since my style is a little bit of this and that, I go to local thrift stores to source items that are similar to the items I see online or from my Pinterest inspirations. I also shop online- ASOS or Zara is my #1 go to

What plus-size store would you like to see in Nashville?

First of all, I want Zara to expand to curvy sizes. If this was possible, then Zara would be my 1st option.

What would you tell your YOUNGER curvy self?

Embrace your body because there is only ONE YOU. While you are doubting yourself- there is someone in the world who wished they had your exterior!





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