#BLOGGERLIFE: How much should YOU charge for an Instagram post?

How much should you charge for an Instagram post? Whew! That’s a question I get often!⁣ Now that I’ve started social media consulting for individuals and entrepreneurs I get lots of questions. Most are centered around making MONEY! For my digital influencers, the desire to work with brands is two-fold: to make money and to create awesome content. Most times, creating awesome content take MONEY and making money comes from creating content. 

So, how much should you charge when asked to create content for a brand? Let’s discuss!

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Let’s talk CPM – cost per thousand impressions

Small and Large influencers who don’t have professional representation are often left to figure out this number by themselves. If you charge too much, will the brand leave? If you charge too little will you end up losing.⁣ Take a look at your follower count, average likes per post, and the amount of work it will take to produce a photo/video/instastory. In the business, we start with CPM.

CPM is the cost it takes to reach one thousand people. Most companies average CPM is $5-$10 to reach every 1000 people.⁣

Let’s do the math:

  • You have 5,000 followers⁣
  • Divide by 1,000 = 5⁣
  • Multiply 5 x $5, $7, or $10⁣
  • You can charge between $25-$50 per Instagram post. ⁣

See, even small influencers have the option to charge per Instagram post. Your work is worth it!

There’s always room to negotiate

The number may seem small especially when we read about the digital influencers who make MILLIONS of dollars a year. But remember, they have way more followers. better engagement, higher production value, and MORE CONSISTENCY! But, you can negotiate no matter how small your following. What to mention when negotiating:

  • No money offered? Discuss having your content placed on the brand’s platform (making them tag you) in order to get more followers
  • Discuss your reach across various platforms. Do you have Twitter, FB Business Page, a blog, and an Instagram? Ask for more money for more exposure.
  • Do you need to hire a photographer or can you use your phone?
  • Can you collab with another inferencer to expand your reach
  • Can you do the first post for free, then establish a long-term deal with the brand?

Don’t be afraid to say NO

Also, it’s OK to leave a deal on the table and its OK to do work for free. Remember why you became a Digital Influencer; we aim to educate, entertain, and encourage. If working with the brand doesn’t help you do one of those three things, it’s OK to walk away. In addition, if the amount of work is more than the return on investment, walk away. I guarantee, another brand is watching your hard work and is ready to connect with YOU!

⁣Remember follow me on Instagram: @fabglance and @glancedigitalstrategy

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