MY STYLE: One Year of fashion with Jessica London!

As a blogger, creating a long-term brand partnership is the PINNACLE of influencer success. That’s why I’m excited to share ONE YEAR of looks a Jessica London influence! Below I document each month of looks I’ve worn with the brand as well as TIPS on creating long-term partnerships with brand that reach out to you. Let’s get started.

Give the brand your best . . . in your budget

December 2019, I debuted my first looks with Jessica London. I was familiar with the brand because my mom shopped with them when I was younger. Additionally, as a TALL plus-size woman, I shopped the brand for hosiery and shoes. They have an amazing selection of wide-width and extended size shoes.

When you work with a brand for the first time, it’s important to create the best images (for your budget). My first month working with Jessica London, I asked Christy Hunter of Authentic Photos & Designs, to give me these amazing images. We worked together the majority of the year. She worked with my budget and time frames. The brand reps were in LOVE!

Make sure the brand fits your lifestyle

By the second month of our partnership, I was having fun getting free clothes. My agreement with Jessica London is that I get six items from the site, including coats, shoes, and accessories. My choices were kinda random, and I realized I needed to find a theme each month.

I don’t like alot of clutter, so I wanted to be intentional about my choices. I decided to choose clothes that I’d actually wear again, looks that push me out of my comfort zone, and looks that really compliment my frame.

It’s OK to ask for more money . . .

By month four, we’d hit our stride. Jessica London was more than happy with my work. I’d recommended other influencers to work with the brand and then . . .  THEY ASKED ME TO BE IN AN EMAIL CAMPAIGN! Like, OMG! I’m so proud of the viewers on my Instagram and on my website, but having my images sent to their more than 100,000 customers was a GAME CHANGER!

And yes, I asked for more money because this was a big undertaking on my part. I had new hair, a make-up artist, and we picked a prime location! The Jessica London team could have said ‘no’, and I would have had to contemplate doing the project. But they said YES and the loved the photos even more! It was even more awesome that i could get my photographer in on this NATIONAL campaign.

It’s OK to take a break

Spring turned into summer and something happened . . . I took a month off. Between making sure that I was finding styles that fit my personal vibe, budgeting for my blog, and starting to work with other brands, I needed to take a break from my Jessica London agreement. And you know what? The team was OK with it. The didn’t end our partnership, they understood that I needed a quick rest.

Find other ways to bring your followers in . . .

For my birthday month, I asked the Jessica London team if I could host a giveaway. I thought they’d just give me a $50 gift certificate, but they helped me host a $250 e-cert giveaway. Once again, ask and you shall receive. I wanted to do MORE than wear clothes on the internet, I wanted my followers to try the brand as well.

In addition, I’d started to have alot of pieces that I didn’t want to wear anymore. I started to give pieces to friends (and MY MOM!) so they could enjoy the brand as well.

Don’t lose your self in the brand

I feel like I need to say this again. when you have a LONG-TERM agreement with a brand, it’s easy to start feeling like a mannequin. Don’t lose your style because you are trying to maintain your partnership. Simple changes can keep your content authentic. I tried a new photographer, and made sure to choose looks that were very MELISSA!

Shout out to Harifah Hendrickson Photography for these edgy images. I felt so much more like myself in these images as well as giving the brand a bit of a change as well.

It’s OK to mix and match

The last two months of my partnership, I’d have to say the brand has really stepped up their offerings. Also, I have SO MANY pieces that I can now mix and match to create more comprehensive looks. Think about it, at this point I have more than 60 pieces from  Jessica London. Now I can mix shoes, bags, and outerwear. As long as the item remains available for purchase, I shoot the look.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed my year with Jessica London. I’m excited to walk into 2020 working with a brand known for classic worker wear and casual pieces. Remember, Jessica London offers extended sizes and lengths. Tell them  @Fabglance sent ya!

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