#BloggerLife: How to take a blog break … and stay relevant!

When you become a blogger-influencer it’s easy to get burned out! We are creating content DAILY, checking analytics, fielding emails, and representing yourself as TALENT! Yup, after awhile you’ll want to take a break – but you don’t want followers to lose interest.

While I was gone from the blog I created content for Old Navy, Jessica London, and TomBoyX. I also hit 9000 follows on Instagram!

Various photos of blogger, Fabglance, I’m collage formation

How to take a blogging break, but stay relevant

If you’re new around here, I USUALLY post on this website two times per week. I talk about fashion, Nashville life, and digital strategy. However, I inadvertently took a month off due to personal health issues and working on outside business deals. You’d think my influence would lose momentum due to my blog absence – BUT I’ve actually been flourishing.

How? I share my content on various platforms AND create evergreen content that can be shared repeatedly! Yes, when transitioning to full-time or more-time blogging, you’ve got to think LONGTERM. Being trendy (photos, blog content, etc) is great to get quick follows. But creating content that can be shared for more than a year is what keeps you consistent and connected even when you need to take a break.

Sharing EVERGREEN CONTENT on various platforms

Remember, when you share content on ANY platform, about 10%-20% of your followers see your content. So, striving to create stories that are shareable more than once is the perfect goal. That’s what evergreen content is about.

When I work with brands, I try to choose looks and products that can be shared continuously. As a grow and gain more followers, I can re-share tons of my sponsored content across twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and sometimes LinkedIn.

On Instagram: Reshare posts on your instastory – especially if you have the swipe-up feature. Bring back festive/season specific photos from the previous year. Why this works? You’re continually gaining new followers who haven’t seen your content from previous years. Sharing again pique there interest in your content.

Plussize Blogger wearing leather dress. Color is maroon. Woman has curly hair. Reposted this photo from 2018

On Twitter: Staying relevant on Twitter is all about jumping on the app, getting up to the minute info, and re-sharing links from your blog. The great thing about Twitter is the ability to hyperlink content from your blog and from your Instagram. It’s the best place to do a ‘CALL TO ACTION’ asking followers to respond to content. Looking for commonly used hashtags in your NICHE can help you connect with influencers like you.

On Facebook: You should always have your personal page and your business page. Often, I’ll share photos that I didn’t use on my Instagram page or on the blog for my PERSONAL FB page. My family and friends usually go Gaga over those type of posts. Throw in a link to an IG post or blog post and you create new traffic. AGAIN you can hyperlink posts as well and cross promote from your personal page to your business page.

To stay relevant, share old content often

Remember, share old content continuously. If you are new to the blogger-influencer life, you may not have a lot of content to share. Keep working. You’ll realize, within 90 days you can start repeating content which gives you some time to rest and create better content. Also, look at old content for new ideas.

Thanks for reading and helping me stay relevant

So, for now I’m back! And you should get new content weekly. But if you see me fall off the blog, check my other platforms where it’s EASIER for me to keep in touch without the work and research of a proper blogpost!

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