#FabGlance: A year in Review – 2019

It’s the last day of the year – WE MADE IT! Everyone is posting their 2019 report card, so I thought is do the same. Overall this year was NICE TO ME. It was a year of sealing the cracks in the foundation and rebuilding. Below, I discuss my wins and some losses that allowed me to have the best year I’ve had in a long time!

I got a new day job

Yo. Don’t let these memes about entrepreneurship fool you; that life is hard work. Oftentimes you are the FIRST investor in your business. So, if you ain’t shaking it for coins on the corner – you gotta get a regular job. I returned to work at my alma Mater, Tennessee State University. I really love my day job because I get to encourage students to be their best. Also, the pay and perks ain’t too bad.

I got a new car

Oh Jesus it was a long time coming and the journey was dark but your girl got a new car this year. I’d ridden my old car until it died. Yes, like right at the dealership (picking up new keys) it died. My new car is another investment in the world of Fab Glance. I can attend more events and help more people because my ride is dependable.

I worked with some MAJOR brands

Let’s get to the #bloggerlife. My goal was to work with one MAJOR national brand in 2019. I worked with many more: Old Navy, Target/Lindt Chocolate, Jessica London, Bloom Bras, Fabletics and TomBoyX just to name a few. I’d say the Old Navy campaign was THE BIGGEST FLEX. Most of my campaigns were Instagram based so if you didn’t know, you should probably follow me over there too! But that leads me to one of my failures …

I didn’t post enough on the blog!

Let me confess my sins before my people. I left y’all in the dust over here. My goal was to post at LEAST once a week on fabglance.com. Some months I only posted like THREE TIMES. As a person who screams, “YOU NEED TO HAVE A BLOG!”, I need to be screaming, “you need to be more consistent on your blog.” Now, I repurposed many articles this year – thanks to evergreen content. But, I know for a fact that my influence can be multiplied if I make sure to keep my blog readers informed of what’s happening on my social channels as well.

I gained 2000 new followers on Instagram

So if you’re wondering where most of my work was centered, it was on Instagram. My goal was to get 10,000 followers before the end of 2019. I didn’t reach my goal BUT within the next three months I’ll be in the the 10K club. Striving to get to 10K allowed me to create two amazing initiatives: #Top10under10k and #Bloggerlifechat. Both are aimed at helping the underdog in this digital strategy world! In 2020 my goal is to create physical and online services that help micro-influencers. Plans are already in place!

I grew by Digital Strategy company

So yeah, I do social media for people and business consulting for brands who want to have a bigger presence on social channels. Currently I have THREE clients, one of which is a MAJOR author. Glance Digital Strategy is something I’m very passionate about. I hope to return to full-time entrepreneurship soon allow Glance Digital to be my major financial contributor.

What’s ahead for Fab Glance?

Well my goal is to build on the projects I’ve started: Nashville Curves is headed in a new direction, the Blogger Life Chat series is getting a new addition, I’ve already got more brand deals on the works, and I promise to update the blog two times a week!

What are your goals for 2020? What are you most proud of in 2019? Let me know in the comments.

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