BLOGGERLIFE: Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app! What does this mean?

Late last week Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, said that “Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app … we are focused on video.” Click Here to watch Adam dash the hopes & dreams of content creators who have slaved away building their platforms via the Instagram app.

Throughout the video, Mosseri assured us that we CAN post photos on IG but their focus is more on video content. We know this is because TikTok came through like a wrecking ball (no Miley) and has become the number 1 social media platform with the longest amount of watch time.

Basically, more users STAY on TikTok longer than they stay on any other app. Platforms make more money and siphon more of our digital info when we stay on the apps. They know what we like and then they SELL US STUFF.

So, what does this mean?

Well people, times are changing, but you knew that already. As a content creator who trains new influencers (book a session) and helps veteran influencers pivot their brands, I’ll say what you need to hear: It’s time to share your talents elsewhere.

Instagram is still the Top 3 content sharing platform in the WORLD. The mistake we’ve made (I’m talking to myself as well) is we’ve put all of our creative eggs into one basket. Especially if you are a content creator with less than 25k followers (who has a day job and influencing is a side hustle), we’ve been brainwashed to believe that brands only want to work with us if we are relevant on Instagram.

Not true. Brands want to work with those who have an ENGAGED AUDIENCE so we can help them sell more goods & services. That audience can be ANYWHERE, you just have to prove to the brand that your audience is engaged.

Photos vs. Video on Instagram

It’s true, video content keeps us on the apps longer BUT great photos still increase engagement and help build a trusting audience. No matter what vehicle you choose, CONSISTENCY IS WHAT WINS.

I know creators who have yet to pivot to video – yet their audiences continue to grow. I know creators who now post 75% videos and their audiences have grown too. What these two creators have in common is CONSISTENCY.

It’s easy to be swayed by news of drastic changes to Instagram. But these changes mean nothing if YOU Aren’t consistently posting.

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But I am consistent … on Instagram

If you’ve been consistent (posting at least 2x a week) now it’s time to diversify. Audiences exist on different platforms. Some people will follow you wherever you post. Others are faithful to just one app. Your job as a content creator is to feed your audience WHERE THEY LIVE.

Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, your blog and your newsletter have audiences. The problem most creators have is we’ve been SPOILED. We hate having to start again. We hate not getting likes as soon as we push ‘share’. Yes, finding your rhythm on a new app can be a thankless job but it’s truly worth it.

If you give yourself 8-12 weeks of consistently posting on a new platform, I promise your audience will show up.

Goodbye Instagram?

Nope, not goodbye to Instagram, but HELLO to new audiences in new spaces. 2022 is your year to level up. No matter how many times Instagram changes the game, having a great content plan will keep your nerves steady and help you be the amazing creative you are. And I’m HERE TO HELP YOU make that pivot!

Next week I’m starting my series called: “How & What to post on a new platform” and I’ll cover the top 3 platforms plus how to grow your newsletter!

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