Get more followers and Make more money – Influencer Goals for the New Year

We have approached another new year and most people are setting new goals so that they can be more successful. When I ask my fellow content creators what they want to accomplish this year, the most popular answer is: Get more followers and Make more money. While those are great accomplishments (and I wish them for all of us), without any type of action steps, you may find yourself stuck, inconsistent, and/or burnt out by the beginning of Q2. So, what’s the best way to make and Influencer goal that MAKES SENSE? Let’s discuss!

Here’s three facts about GOAL SETTING that help me stay on track:

  • People who write down their goals are 20% more successful at accomplishing the goal (source).
  • Additionally, setting goals makes you more aware of your STRENGTHS and less aware of your weaknesses (source).
  • Telling someone (preferably in your industry) about your goals makes you more accountable and you’re more determined to reach the goal (source).

So if your goal is to ‘Get More Followers‘ then here are some ACTION STEPS you can use to make accomplishing your goal more attainable.

  • I will track and write down my WEEKLY and MONTHLY follower growth. In order to do this I will check my analytics (across platforms) – Knowing your average follower growth gives you a quantitatve target to reach. Take a look at your growth from last year, divide by twelve, and you have your average growth per month. This helps you determine a successful month of growth
  • I will post more content MORE OFTEN – The biggest reason you aren’t growing your following is probably because you aren’t posting consistently. Now is the time to set a goal to post more often. If you have a blog you should try posting at least two times a month. If you are posting on Instagram, set a schedule to post at least three times a week. No matter where you post, set a schedule to consistently and often.
  • Every week, I will ask my followers to share my content with their friends – Many times we stunt our growth by not asking for help. We must remind our existing followers to help us grow too. Also, in your captions and blog posts, remind followers and readers to SHARE YOUR CONTENT.
  • I will share my content on OTHER platforms – The best way to get more followers is to make sure more people SEE what you’ve created. Most Influencers rely on Instagram. But we know instagram isn’t the most reliable place for the most people to see your work. Try sending the LINK to your favorite group-chat. Share your post on your personal Facebook page or your twitter profile.

Now, let’s work on the goal of Making More Money. In order to make more money in the influencer industry you’ve got to make more content (see above), in your niche (don’t know your niche, book a session with me), and REACH OUT TO BRANDS.

Here’s some action steps that can help you accomplish that goal:

  • I will make a list of 20 brands I’d like to work with this year – Now is the time to DREAM. Take a look at the brands on your list and research the influencers they’ve worked with. You may see something in common now it’s time to reach out.
  • I will reach out to 10 local brands in my area – So, if your are a micro-influencer (under 20,000 followers) sometimes it’s harder to get the attention of the big brands. But reaching out to small businesses in your city is a great way to get some brand work under your belt.
  • I will set a blogger budget to make sure I’m not spending too much money on my hustle – Blogging on a budget can sometimes be hard. So, this goal allows you to prioritize what’s the best investment for your brand (photos, it’s always the photos).

Remember, simply wanting more followers and more money is not enough. This influencer life is WORK. But the work can be fun if your goals make sense. The goals above are direct and SMART. Writing down your goals and sharing them with accountability partners is the best step to success. Don’t be afraid to set those goals, I guarantee you’ll go farther than you did last year!


And if you need more help, set up an Influencer Workshop with me today!

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