Social Media Holidays: March 2022

It’s a new month and new time to create content! As always, I encourage you to PLAN AHEAD. I like to stay two weeks ahead of the game but even being TWO DAYS ahead can take a bunch of stress off your life. So here are the Social Media Holidays for March 2022.

March is one of those months that combine National holidays with some FUN anytime holidays. Great way to created dope content!

March gives us Mardi Gras, the First Day of Spring, and National Cereal Day! Just think of the fun shot, stories, and conversations you can have/create to engage your audiences across platforms.

As always, if you get stuck, my ‘3-2-1 Content Strategy’ is a great way to pre-plan your content. Remember, DONE is better than PERFECT. Don’t lose out on growing your audience by doubting your skills. You got this!

As always, if you need more help, book a session with me!

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