TAX-FREE Weekend (Tennessee): August 1-3

Hello all my shopping fans!

Well, there are some perks to living in Tennessee, and this is one: The Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday.

It was originally set up to help parents as their youngins‘ go back to school, but everyone can take advantage. Don’t fret, if you don’t have extra shopping money this weekend, the tax holiday comes around again in Spring of ’09. We love our readers and at Fab Glance Nashville, we do not co-sign on over-spending or not staying on budget. However, if you have extra dollars, make some purchases this weekend.

Stores are having special sales and some are staying open extended hours. So take advantage, this opportunity only comes around twice a year.

Here’s what you can buy with this weekend’s tax-free status:

Clothing – $100 or Less: .

School Supplies – $100 or less

Computers – $1500 or less

One thought on “TAX-FREE Weekend (Tennessee): August 1-3

  1. Wow…. I’m in DE so I get that all the time. I am going to be dropping into TN soon to see a few friends. I am going to have to stay on this site so I can see whats going on in the area. Nice blog also….keep doing your thing!!!Nasir


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