Okay, so this week’s “Love ’em or Hate ’em”, has ya’ girl, Ms. Lyssa, in a jam.

I know you’ve seen people rockin’ the lightweight summer scarf around their necks, like the pics above. To me, it’s cute/nice accessory to rock in the fall/winter, when it’s actually cold outside. But fashion is a different beast. No one said that what is in style has to make sense. It’s up to the fly ladies and gents to make the runway style . . . look real.

However, this is TENNESSEE and it’s going to be mid 80’s and above til October (remember it was 80 degrees in December last year). In LA, NY, and Hollywood, the fashionistas have been wearing the scarf trend for a good year now. Personally, I’m on the fence. I look at it like a trend, but it’s a cute trend, and I want to try it. Any way, since we don’t live in Hollywood, and we may not have a reason to rock a scarf, tell me what you think. Take a look to the left and vote on this week’s “Love ’em or Hate ’em”.

If you LOVE the new scarf trend, send me pics and I’ll post them for the world to see:

Oh yeah, wanna try the SUMMER SCARF trend for cheap, head over to For Love 21, in the Cool Springs Mall. You can buy a summer scarf for $4.

Love YA~

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