Celebeauty: Ashanti

Okay, usually I am not feeling Ashanti. Sometimes I look at this chick, and I’m like, “Her

stylist should be shot.” The girl’s got natural beauty, no doubt, and really good skin. But commonly she falls in the ‘Too Much” category. Too much hair, too much make-up, to much . . . something. Well I gotta give it to her, she has stepped up her game since she has a new album out “Declaration” and she has told the world that she got the “Good, Good”.

Ashanti’s little black dress proves well for the fashion rehab victim. “Less is More” when it comes to a chic night on the town. To my knowledge it may be a vintage YSL, but I’ll have to get back to you on that. Well she must have something real good to keep a cutie like Nelly hangin’ around. So, that’s why I picked her as Celebeauty of the week, just for stepping up her style game!

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