Let’s Talk: Muffin Tops

As a person who loves fashion, I sometimes see fashion mistakes. Some websites and blogs make their money from displaying people’s faults and bad decisions. I decided that my blog would not be about that. I have decided to stay positive and only comment to HELP those in need of some assistance when it comes to fashion mishaps and bad decisions.

Last time I talked about the thong situation that is plaguing America. I rec’d a great response from young ladies ready to face facts about their thong mistakes. However, I received more feedback about today’s topic: Muffin Tops, specifically, extra chunkage hanging over the front and sides of your jeans.

Muffin tops and love handles are mysterious creatures. Sometimes you’ve had them so long, you can’t remember when they arrived or one day you wake up and here it is. Maybe you had a baby or started a new job where food is ever-present. Don’t worry, I’m not talking bad about you, I’m going to help. I had to take hold of my muffin top situation a few years back, after I saw a picture of myself from behind. It was a sad day, but I had to face the facts and do something.

If you found yourself in the picture above, don’t fret. Many women allow their belly fat to hang over (no matter what size you are) because they simply buy the wrong size jean, pants, or shorts.
In an effort to maximize the fact that you have a booty, you will buy extra-tight jeans to show off what you got. Instead of looking booty-liscious, you look muffin-liscious. Even the slim girl on the far left has a baby muffin due to her wanted to show offer her booty.
  • Go to a store and get correctly sized for jeans. Places like the Gap, Guess, <a href="http://www.bananarepublic.com/browse/home.do?tid=brgobue8t&kwid=1&ap=7&sem=true&mkwid=695ZoAH2&adid=onanan+erchoyvpBanana Republic, etc, will measure you accurately. Or you can measure yourself like this:
  • Measure your waist (where your naval sits) and hips with the measuring tape a bit loose. Note that your actual waist measurement will not equal jean waist size. For example, a person with a 26-inch waist typically wears jeans with a 28-inch waist.
  • To get your inseam, take a pair of pants that fit well and measure from the crotch down.Refer to the seller’s sizing chart to see which size is best for you.
  • Remember, despite sizing charts, some makers will run smaller than others. Don’t get the smaller size just because you want a smaller number on a tag [no one will see]. For example, Seven for All Mankind jeans tend to run smaller than Citizens of Humanity jeans. So, when buying Seven jeans, opt for a size larger than you might normally choose.
  • Once you have your measurements, it’s your job to find a designer that works right for you. I love Old Navy Jeans because they have one of the largest selections of jeans for tall girls. Also their online selection is great too, especially for plus size.
A good friend of mine only shops at Guess and the Guess Outlet in the Opry Mills Mall. She says Guess makes great jeans for her shape. Your favorite jean store may be Gap or DKNY. No matter the case, once you find the right fit and the right designer, STICK WITH IT and buy as many pairs in as many washes as you can.
1. Stay away from shirts that expose your midriff or are too tight. Get creative with you tops/blouses/shirts like the model pictured below.
2. Opt for a dress over your jeans. Dresses are really cute and really in right now, no matter the season. Try on a dress and some heels to flatter you awesome legs or a sundress and flats to show off muscular arms and shoulders
3. Proper Undergarments disguise the largest muffins. One word: Spanx. Spanx are available at most major department stores like Macy’s and Dillard’s. Now even Wal-mart and Target sell there versions of the ever-popular undergarment for reasonable prices. You can go to http://www.spanx.com/ to get more info.
Oh yeah, don’t forget: The Muffin TOP WORKOUT PLAN.
In an effort to help aid in the destruction of muffin tops, love handles, and belly fat in general, MSN Health has a whole workout plan to rid or reduce the infamous roll: click here for the article “So Long Muffin Top”.
So there it is, I hope we have put this situation to rest. I just don’t want to see you with your muffin hanging out. It’s just not attractive.
If you have any questions email me at fabglancenashville@hotmail.com.

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