4Real Fashion – Labor Day Weekend

Hey Guys ad Girls!!

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. Me, I was able to chill, kick-it with friends, and of course, catch a couple sales at the mall.

Through the course of the weekend I snapped some pics of the fashionable ladies and gents of the Nashville circuit, including myself:

(from left to right)

Lela – Rocking a polka-dot shirt dress from Express
Myself – Sunday, wearing my final summer-y dress to church, it’s my favorite.
Ta’Niesha – Looking so fab @ LoveNoise Sunday night
Tiffany – Also at LoveNoise sunday night, heck the peek-a-boo back on her shirt and the patent wedge heels
Poet, AO Love – At LoveNoise, blessing the mike with an original poem. Check his cool casual twist with the vest and chucks
EarlRockin the seer-sucker white jacket and graphic tee

Like I said, this weekend was a blast. The great thing about living in TN is that our summer weather continues well into October, but the key is learning how to transition your pieces into the fall season. This week we’ll focus on some key transition pieces that will keep you looking fabulous all year long.

Luv Ya~

Ms. Lyssa

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