Celebeauty: Couples Edition, Boris and Nicole

Ya’ll know how it goes, each week I pick a lovely lady to be our celebeauty of the week, but I had to do something for the ladies and the gents on this one.

 Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Parker-Kodjoe are presented here looking ultra glam-tastic for Tyler Perry’s studio opening in Atlanta. This summer I had the opportunity to meet (ok shout a quick ‘Hey isn’t that the girl from Soul Food?’) Nicole when I was at the Lenox Mall in ATL. That chick is GORGEOUS in person, tiny as can be with a face like a china doll. My friends and I just stood there watching her walk into Nordstrom’s; she is just too beautiful. And we already know that Boris is a tall drink of water who speaks two languages, and just happens to be an all-around nice guy.

Boris will be hosting a party, right here in Nashville, for the International Black Film Festival (more details on that later) check the flyer below for info on that party.

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