Hate It/Love It: Belted Cardigans

Good morning lovely people!
It’s time for this week’s edition of ‘Hate It/Love It’. I’m going to go on record to say that I am not feeling this style at all, however, a reader asked me about the trend so I thought I’d let the public decide. The style gods tried to debut this look last year, but it didn’t really catch on. This past weekend, while shopping in Green Hills, I saw a cute young girl sporting a brown chunky cardigan with the skinniest alligator belt, indigo skinny jeans, and leopard print flats. She looked cute, but I just couldn’t get with that belt over the cardigan thing. I just think, it looks awkward, like you are trying to hard. Okay, okay, let me stop. You all be the judge, you know what to do, cast your vote in the voting box to the left.
Also, if this style suits you, show me how you rock it by sending your pic to fabglancenashville@hotmail.com, you may win a prize *wink-wink*
Love ya~
Ms. Lyssa

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