It’s Here: Beyonce – ‘I am . . . Sasha Fierce’

Okay, no doubt, Beyonce is Fab girl. Every time she releases a new product, she comes with an excellent look, as seen above. However, this new album – ahhhhhhhhhhhh – not the best. And no, I am not a Beyonce hater, you know Ms. Lyssa got love for good talent and a good product. However, this split personality madness that Beyonce is subjecting us to, is just some foolishness. It’s a two album offering: A disc of ballads and a disc of fast songs, that is easily a C+, B- at best. However, if she would have pulled the top 4 songs from both albums, it would have been a A- easily.

I’ve listened to it, and I was not impressed. ‘Single Ladies’ and ‘If I were a Boy’ are definitely the go-getters. Her cover of ‘Ave Maria’, great, I played it two times. ‘Diva’ – Has a pull from Lil Wayne ‘A Milli’ (a lil late, Ms. Bey) but it’s got a knock to it, that you would play on the way out with your girls. ‘Halo’ sounds a lil like, dare I say it, Rihanna, but the lyrics are good. Truth be told, about three of the slow songs sound like Rihanna could have sung them, made the same money, and garnered the same criticism. Basically, if my review seems spotty, it’s because the album is spotty. I guess it’s hard to top an album like B’day, but you can listen for yourself. I suggest listening, before buying.

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