CONTEST: Win a FREE pair of earrings!

Oh golly-gosh! I want these, and I am so mad that I have to give them away! Win a pair of this year’s hottest trend – Angel Wing Earrings! These rhinstone studded cuties will have your ears flying with happiness. So what shall I have you do to win a pair . . . .hmmm?

Let’s ask a fashion question:

Who was the first African-American model to be on the cover of AMERICAN VOGUE?

First answer sent to –> <— wins the earrings. Be sure to send a picture of yourself when you answer the question. The winner will be posted on the website. Good LUCK!!!


Congratulations!! To Q. Monique (shown above) she was the first person to answer the question correctly. This was a trick question: Donyale Luna was the first black woman to cover any VOGUE magazine and Beverly Johnson the first cover of American VOGUE. Beverly Johnson was said to be the first black cover model to show here entire face while Donyale had to cover her face partially so as not to be recognized as an African-American.

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