Man of the Week: Darnell Levine

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Darnell Levine is one of my FAVORITE artists, not just in Nashville, but in general. I get mad that this guy has not blown up, yet. Go to one of his shows, and you will have the absolute best time. You get to sing along, laugh, have fun, and hear real good music. I have been to more than 10 of his shows, and every show is a little different. Every time I see him I ask him to play my favorite song (Table 42) and he just laughs, he a great guy. Of course, he hangs with most talented musicians in the area including previous Man of the Week, Damien Horne. Last year, Darnell had a Christmas show, that was great, I hope he does that again. If so, you better be there.

Darnell is from Louisville, KY that has three releases under his belt with a sophomore album coming in 2009. ‘Journal Entries’ Levine’s current offering, it an EP with six songs that allow the listener to get into Levine’s deep thoughts. My personal fav from the new album is “When Birds Split”. The song is lovely with a mounting melody that sends the listener on a delightful musical journey. Here is an excerpt of Levine’s bio, where he talks about completing his EP ‘Journal Entries’: “After my first album (We Gon‘ Use What We Got, 2006) I had writer’s block really bad, and it freaked me out. My imagination could think up things fictional stuff easy, but I wanted more. So I turned to my journals. I decided that if I didn’t want to be a one album wonder, I’d have to go all the way. So I became very selfish and wrote alot of “me” songs, the cold hard facts of the matter. Journal Entries is just that, one big serious joke. I’m moody, what can I say.”

Make sure to give Darnell some love this Christmas, buy the Deluxe Box Set. Keep them for yourself or give each away to friends. Either way you will not be disappointed.

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