Happy Thanksgiving!

(This is just a fly photo of Naomi Campbell and Tyson Beckford, and I wanted everyone to see it. No reason. )

Hey peoples!!

This may be the last post until December 1st because I’m going to see the Family for the holidays. The Internet connection at my mom’s house is just slow and annoying. Since my brother and I don’t live there she just got old-school dial-up. Plus, we live in such a small town, I can’t even bootleg wireless from a neighbor. Probably because my neighbors are all VERY VERY old and/or very very hood. Side note – I found out that bootlegging an Internet signal from your neighbors is not against the law; however, using that connection to find hack into their personal accounts, is very illegal. Learned that little ditty in business law class.

Also, I gotta get all my assignments done for work and school before I leave Nashville. Because of the Internet issue. I may post in the airport, b/c I have a heck of a layover in Ohio or Chicago, I can’t remember. Oh yeah, I’m gonna try and post through my phone. We’ll see if that works. I know you are gonna miss me, however you can check out some of my fellow blogger friends and catch me on the twitter:


Have a happy Turkey Day!!
Luv Ya~Ms. Lyssa

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