Celebeauty: Lil’ Rounds on American Idol this Week

Hola Fashion Folks!

Although I am disturbed by her name (lol), I gotta give the girl props for her voice and her apparent style on this week’s episode. I’m sure she’s a contender for top 5. Plus, she’s from MEMPHIS, and FAB GLANCE gets much love from the fashionable folks of Memphis.

Twenty-three-year-old Memphis mother-of-three Rounds won over Idol’s toughest critic early. “I’m going to keep this very brief,” Cowell said after Rounds’ top 36 performance. “[You were] brilliant….you have great, great prospects on this show.” Jokes Abdul: “I hope [America] keeps Lil Rounds around for more ‘lil rounds!'” (US Weekly)

She gets my vote. Hopefully her style choices will keep her in the Celebeauty category for a long time. Check the video below – it’s just the audio, but the girl rips MJB’s ‘Be Without You’. The judges love her.

One thought on “Celebeauty: Lil’ Rounds on American Idol this Week

  1. I hope she wins! I’m actually committed to voting this season because of Lil Rounds…since she stepped on the scence during auditions I have been a fan…she’s gonna be HUGE regardless of Idol! That’s prophetic! 😉


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