Hate It/Love It: SPRING TREND – Baggy Jeans/Boyfriend Jeans

(photo courtesy of www.limelife.com)
Oh my, it’s been a minute since we played HILI (hate it/love it).

Well, this week’s HILI focuses on Spring’s newest trend – Baggy Jeans or Boyfriend Jeans. Basically, rolling out of bed, putting on your boyfriend’s jeans, a snazzy belt and a basic t-shirt – seems to be the fashionable choice for the celebrities shown above and below (Victoria Beckham, Mischa Barton, and Katie Holmes)

Well, I like the trend, especially when worn like Katie Holmes, below. Don’t go out looking like you just came from under a bridge. Spice it up by making sure:
  • your jeans are fitted in the waist

  • cinched or clean looking on the bottom

  • your t-shirt is fitted enough to show your womanly shape

But that’s just my opinion – it’s your turn to vote on this week’s HILI – BAGGY JEANS?

Do we hate it or love it – – -> Cast your vote on the right —>

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