Celebeauty – American Idol Edition: Alexis Grace

Hey Fashion People!

I’ve decided that every week I am going to post my favorite pic of an American Idol singer looking FAB. Last week it was Memphis Native, Lil Rounds, that piqued our attention with a fly strapless black/yellow dress with trendy exposed zipper.

This week, firecracker rocker, Alexis Grace (also from Memphis) gets the FAB trophy. This pixie of a performer came on the stage and owned it wearing a little black romper/jumper, footless leggings, and chunky black sandals. Don’t forget the multi-strand pewter/silver necklaces – She looked amazing. She gets my vote for style, alone!

Last night, the group performed songs from Michael Jackson’s catalogue. Alexis chose ‘Dirty Diana’ and did a great job. The judges weren’t as impressed, but you know, they don’t make the final decision. Anyway, here’s the audio from Alexis’ performance – you can be the judge.

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