Music Review: Women of Faith, Crystal Aikin, & Tonex

Hello Fab Friends!

So, I usually put my music review on the right side of the blog, but there is some good music coming out this week that I had to make an actual post. We all know that music and fashion go hand & hand, no matter what music you enjoy.

This week we gotta give love to GOSPEL music. With 3 powerful releases coming this week, you are sure to find something that lift your spirits and get you moving.

First up we have the WOMEN OF FAITH WORSHIP TEAM“A Grand New Day”. Women of Faith is a conference/program that tours the country empowering women to turn and depend on God to help them live better lives. The conference has released an album featuring the worship team. My good friend Nia Allen, is on the worship team, so you should def give it a listen.

Crystal Aikin won BET’s Sunday’s Best last year with her awesome voice and bubbly personality. Well, Ms. Aikin shines on her self-titled album and her music brings the best out of her voice. Sometimes, a new artist’s personality doesn’t shine though on their projects however, Ms. Aikin crushes that misconception right from the beginning of the cd. The best tracks are ‘Desire More’ and ‘What If’.

Next up is one of my personal faves – Tonex (pronounced toe-nay) – who is often often controversial but still considered a musical genius with some skeletons in his closet. Tonex is often attacked for his unconventional lyrics, themes, and videos. He pushes christian music right to the line while exposing people to the truth about what he goes through as a MAN of God. UNSPOKEN is Tonex return to music after a long hiatus. Best tracks are Joy, Cool With U, and Love Me.

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