Designer Spotlight: Heaven Simone

Hola Fashion People!

My friend Darla, over at Darla’s Closet in Southern California let me know about this awesome indie designer, Heaven Simone.

Heaven Simone declares that her customers should “Wear Your Faith!” So, she designed a t-shirt line specifically aimed at helping YOU do that. T-Shirts proclaiming your love for God, your belief in peace and change, and your quest to be fashionable are what Simone designs. The designs are fashionable, yet proclaim and awesome message or peace, love, and change. Something we all need in these rocky days.

Heaven Simone is a passion-based clothing ministry, fashion-focused and spiritually molded. Each design is a fusion of truth, style & premium fabrication. Our mission is to encourage, inspire and empower a progressive generation with a universal message of faith, hope & love.

Heaven Simone states: “We can affect change that transcends religion and promotes a heavenly lifestyle.”

For More information go to T-Shirts (shown above and below) range from $35 – $55 and come in a variety of colors. Go to the website to get purchasing info.

One thought on “Designer Spotlight: Heaven Simone

  1. These tees make a great gift item for people going through rough times these days, better and more stylish than flowers. I love my tee. Darla’s Closet shipped it to me asap. I ordered one for a friend who just lost her job.BethHouston, Texas


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