My thoughts on Old Navy’s City Dress (Trend Alert)

FYI: I LOVE Old Navy, most of my jeans come from Old Navy, however, this potential tragedy must be addressed.

I was chilling at at my house, watching some King of Queens re-runs and I seen it – that OLD NAVY commercial with those DUMB mannequins talking and acting like real people. And what were they ‘talking’ (selling) to us about – those doggone city dresses!

Oh Lord, I thought, this summer will be tragic! You know why, because everyone and there mom are going to think they can throw on one of these flimsy lil‘ dresses, some flip-flops, and a straw bag and think they are looking the bomb.

Ok, let me focus. Old Navy’s City dress is basically average America’s intro to the maxi dress of two season’s ago. This time, as you can see by the pics above/below, Old Navy has thrown in at least 20 different colors and patterns and about 5 different styles (long, short, ruffles, straps). And some of the designs are not bad, BUT I can’t stand seeing every girl in Nashville dressed just like the next girl.

I beg you, if you are lured into Old Navy by those talking mannequin commercials and their low recession friendly prices (dresses average $15-$35) please ACCESSORIZE and make the look your own. Throw on a belt, shrug, fly sandal, couture earrings, or something to make sure you stand out from the pact.

In addition, take a look at my memo on wearing THONGS with SUNDRESSES, not a good look at all!

Thanks for understanding, lol!

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